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Posted By: Senoufou
26-Jan-18 - 03:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Indignities of Aging: the Sordid Truth
Subject: RE: BS: Indignities of Aging: the Sordid Truth
Yes, that's another thing I've noticed: attachment to things.
I like my dear old tea towels, which are in fact an utter disgrace (faded and threadbare) I don't want new ones thank you.
I'm also attached to my old saucepans. I love them, they seem to cook really well. I bet a set of new ones wouldn't do the job at all.

I also find myself talking to inanimate objects. I thanked the dishwasher this morning as the glasses were positively sparkling. And surreptitiously patted our Vauxhall Meriva car for getting us safely home from the supermarket.
Where will this end?