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10-Feb-18 - 04:53 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: He Lived Alone in Town (B Sainte-Marie)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: He Lived Alone in Town (B Sainte-Marie)
A friend asked me to learn this song for her. For anyone who may be still be searching, here are the the chords as I heard them:

Buffy Sainte Marie - He Lived Alone In Town Chords and Lyrics

      Am      E          Am       Am
He lived alone in town
       G                     D                E                E7
His friends were many and true
      Am            Am/G    Dm/F#    Dm/F   
He drank and took the easy love
      Am             E          Am       Am/E
Of street girls that he knew

             Am       E          Am         Am
And he met a girl one day
                      G                  D       E      E7
Said "come home with me tonight"
         Am       Am/G    Dm/F#    Dm/F   
"Oh no!" she cried "I never will."
                Am          E       Am       Am/E
And she left him there alone

                Am            E             Dm          Am
And the days went by, and days
            G          D            E          E7
Went by and they did long
Am          Am/G    Dm/F#    Dm/F   
For each other every hour
       Am          E          Dm          Dm
But still she'd not be bound

             Am       E            Dm       Am
"In the places of young men
   F         D/F#      G      E/G#
I never will be found
       Am          Am/G    Dm/F#    Dm/F   
But think you not that I don't love
             Am          E          Am       Am/E    Am/G    Am
For my heart is ripe and full"

            Am         Em          Am       Am
"How cold you are!" he said
      G               D             E          E7
"I guess you must not care
       Am          Am/G                   Dm/F#    Dm/F   
For me. But tell me, Where it is you'd go
             Am          E       Dm          Dm
For I'd take you anywhere"
             Am            E       Dm          Am
"Then come to a forest green
                G         D          E          E7
Where I may love you free
       Am          Am/G      Dm/F#    Dm/F   
Beyond the confines of your walls
             Am            E             Dm          Dm
And beyond the sweetest words"
             Am            E       Dm         Am
"And beyond the mountains high
       G          D             E          E7
Beyond the fields of shame
             Am          Am/G      Dm/F#    Dm/F   
And beyond the prettiest wedding ring
             Am          E       Dm          Dm
For I'd never take your name"

             Am            E       Dm          Am
"And wander with me now
      F            D/F#      G       E/G#
Or wander all forlorn
       Am       Am/G      Dm/F#    Dm/F   
But know I love you, tearful one
             Am            E       Am       Am/E    Am/G    Am
Much more than I can show"

       Am            E       Dm          Am
He could not understand
       G                   D             E          E7
He thought she could not care
       Am       Am/G    Dm/F#    Dm/F   
"Oh, take me far away," she'd cried
               Am          E          Am         Am
And he could not hear her prayer

               Am             E       Dm          Am
And he wandered off alone
       G         D             E          E7
To never know her dream
       Am       Am/G    Dm/F#    Dm/F   
And she still dwells within the forest
Am       E         Am       Am/E      Am/G    Am
Longing for his love

         Am          E          Dm          Am
"So, wander with me now
    F            D/F#      G       E/G#
Or wander off alone
       Am       Am/G    Dm/F#    Dm/F   
But know I love you, tearful one
            Am             E          Am       Am/G    Dm/F#    Dm/F       Am    E    Am      Am
Much more than I can show"