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Posted By: MikeL2
10-Feb-18 - 10:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Football (not the U.S. kind)
Subject: RE: BS: Football (not the U.S. kind)
Hi Steve

Just finished watching Spurs v Arsenal. Quite a good open game to watch. I think Spurs just about deserved their 1-0 win. Like you I wanted a draw and if Lacasette (sic) hadn't missed a complete sitter right at the end.

Harry Kane scored his usual goal and Spurs created several more chances.

Arsenal looked wide open a the back and in my opinion were lucky to get away so lightly.

I will be watching City later on. Leicester are a team that could cause a surprise. (fingers crossed ).

I watch on BT Sport and Sky Sport on my TV.

My son has given me a dongle that streams life sports, but I haven't needed to use it yet. In truth I have my doubts about it.

I will be watching Both United and Liverpool tomorrow.

Just watching Ireland massacre Italy......I know there is a separate thread but I want to get something done and don't have the time



Ps Cheese and wine went down well.