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Posted By: Donuel
12-Feb-18 - 05:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump is a one trick pony
Subject: RE: BS: Trump is a one trick pony
There is an old saying "bad money drives out good money".
bad people drives out good.

We have 'innocent' Nazis, klan and wife beaters for Trump.

btw the real reason the security clearance crises is so bad is because if an FBI agent declines a clearance thy put the responsibility on Trump to make a special allowance. Agents are afraid of losing their job.

HOW BAD IS IT? 165 Trump appointments have not passed Classified Security clearance and most are then given a provisional interim status .
A few were found to be felons currently sought for arrest.
One for child rape.

Classified info has never been so mishandled.
Meanwhile 400 jobs are still left vacant.