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15-Feb-18 - 02:07 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Seventeen Come Sunday/Waukrife Mammy
Subject: RE: Origins: Seventeen Come Sunday/Waukrife Mammy

Here are the British versions so far, I'm missing a few. If anyone has info about the Amelia and Jane Harris song, "Where Are Ye Gaun" I'd like to see it. Not sure if this version has been found (ref. Emily Lyle). I didn't do every one stanza text available. Any other versions please post.

To see individual texts:

    Wakerife Mammy- (Ayr) c.1750 T. Lyle
    A Waukrife Minnie- M. Crosbie (Dumf) c.1788 Burns
    Waukrif Mammie- (Edin) 1795 print
    Lady and Soldier- (Edin) 1800 chapbook J. Morren
    Maid and Soldier- (Lon) c.1820 Batchelar broadside
    Waukrife Minnie- (Scot) 1825 Cunningham/Cromek
    Well Pay't Dochter- Wm Orr (Renf) 1829 Crawfurd
    Waukrife Mammy- (Falkirk) c.1830 Chapbook
    Soldier and the Fair Maid- (York) c.1838 broadside
    Seventeen Come Sunday- (Lon) 1840 J Paul broadside
    My Rolling Eye- A. Smith (Perth) c.1850 Ford
    O'er the High, High Hill- Mrs. Thain (Aber) c.1850
    Yon Hech, Hech Hill- Bell Robertson (Aber) c.1860
    Yon High, High Hill- M. Gillespie (Glas) c.1870
    Where Are You Going? Jim Cox (Glou) c.1870 Carp
    Seventeen Come Sunday- T. Bunting (Warw) c.1870
    I'm Seventeen Come Sunday- Hayden (Oxf) c.1870
    As I Gaed Up Yon Hich, Hich Hill- Doe (Aber) 1873
    Rolling eye- Singing Sandy (Scot) 1882 Chambers
    I'm Zebenteen Come Zunday- (IOW) 1886 Long
    North Riding Hiring Song- (Dur) 1886 Kidson
    As I walked out- Edmund Fry(Dev) 1889 Baring Gould
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Wardill (York) 1892 Kidson
    On a May Morning so Early- Huggins (Dev) 1892
    Wi' My Rollin' Eye- Mathieson (Aber) 1897
    Seventeen Come Sunday- H. Hills (Sus) 1899 Merrick
    I'm Seventeen Come Sunday- White (Som) 1904
    I'm Seventeen Come Sunday- W. Spearing (Som) 1904
    I'm Seventeen Come Sunday- Overd (Som) 1904 Sharp
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Fred Atkinson (Linc) 1905
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Amos Ash (Som) 1905
    Owre Yon High, High Hill- Mrs. Grieg (Aber) 1906
    Sixteen Agin' Sunday- Urquhart (Scot) 1906 RVW
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Cranstone (Sus) 1907
    Yon High, High Hill- Robert Reid (Aber) 1907 Greig
    Soldier Lad- William Watson (Aber) 1907 Greig A
    Yon High, High Hill- Mrs. Lyall (Aber) 1907 Greig
    Yon High, High Hill- A. Greig (Aber) 1907 Greig H
    As I Gaed Ower- Spence (Aber) 1907 Greig H
    O Whare Are Ye Gaun- Mrs Milne (Aber) 1907 Greig G
    As I Gaed Ower- V. Davidson (Aber) 1907 Greig J
    Whare Are Ye Gaun- H. Rae (Aber) 1907 Greig M
    O Whare Are Ye Gaun- S Davidson (Aber) 1907 Greig
    Seventeen Come Sunday- J. Hiscock (Hamp) 1908
    Seventeen Come Sunday- W. Cole (Hamp) 1909 Gard
    Seventeen come Sunday- John Brading (Hamp) 1909
    Seventeen Come Sunday- J.Keen (Sur) 1913 Keel
    Rudam Day- Anon (wilt) c.1916 Alfred Williams
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Williams (Glou) 1921 Sharp
    I'm Seventeen 'gin Sunday (Antrim) 1926 Henry A
    Mommie Ca's Me Annie- Alex Robb (Aber) c. 1929
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Sam Bennett (Warw) 1929
    One May Morning- William Hands (Glou) c.1929
    Where Are You Going? B. Wallace (Corn) c.1929
    Yon High, High Hill- John Ross (Delny) c.1929
    Blink O'er the Burn- Alex Troup (Aber) c.1929
    Bonnie Lassie- Peter Christie (Aber) c.1929 Carp
    Weel Paid Dochter - W. Farquhar (Brux) c.1929
    Bonnie Annie- Annie Clark (Aber) pre1929 Carpenter
    Haliky Daliky- S. Rapoport (Glas) c.1930 MacColl
    As I Gaed ower a Whinny Knowe- Allen (Col) 1939
    New Ross Town- Snap Cash (Tip) c.1944 M. Delaney
    When Cockle Shells- Seamus Ennis (Dub) 1947 REC
    As I Roved Out- Sarah Makem (Armagh) 1951 REC
    Field of Barley- Fred Jordon (Shrop) 1952 Kennedy
    My Pretty Fair Maid- C. Scamp (Kent) 1954 Kennedy
    Sixteen Come Sunday- Norman Kennedy (Aber) c.1955
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Harry Cox (Norf) 1956 REC
    The Soldier and the Maid- A.L. Lloyd (Lon)1956 REC
    My Pretty Little Maid- Sally Sloane (AU) 1956
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Bill Smith (Shrop) 1958 REC
    As I Roved Out- Joe Heaney (Dub) c.1960 REC
    Flash Gals and Airy Too- C. Hughes (Dor) c.1962
    Whaur Are Ye Gaun? (Scot) c. 1964 Mudcat A
    Seventeen Come Sunday- MacRobbie (Wig) 1967
    My Rolling Eye- Duncan Williamson (Arg) 1967 REC
    Seventeen Come Sunday- J. Brightwell (Suf) c.1972
    Seventeen Come Sunday- R. Brader (Linc) 1973 Hamer
    The Night Visit- John Riley (Ros) c.1973 C. Moore
    Sixteen Come Sunday- J. Orchard (Dev) c.1975 REC
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Potters (Sus) 1975 Wales
    Sixteen Come Next Sunday- Dhomhnaill (Don) 1976
    Wi' Ma' Rovin' Eye- Ossian (Edin) 1976 REC
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Bob Copper (Sus) 1976
    Seventeen Come Sunday- C. Renals (Corn) 1978 REC
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Walter Pardon (Nor) 1978
    Whaur Are Ye Gaun? Stewarts (Aber) 1986 MacColl
    Seventeen Come Sunday- Freda Black (Hamp) 2012

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