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Thread Name: Holocaust/shoa songs. In memory.
Subject: Lyrics Add:Hill of Little Shoes -Atkin / James
Clive James(five years old in January 1945) and Pete Atkin have collaborated to write a number of songs.
Hill of Little Shoes is one of them.

Hill of Little Shoes - Clive James

I live in the shadow of a hill
A hill of little shoes
I love but I shiver with a chill
A chill I never lose
I live, I love, but where are they?
Where are their lives, their loves? All blown away

And every little shoe is a foot that never grew
Another day

If you could find a pair and put them on the floor
Make a mark in the air like the marks beside your door
When you were growing
You'd see how tall they were

And the buckles and the laces they could do up on their own
Or almost could
With their tongue-tips barely showing
Tell you how small they were

And then you'd think of little faces looking fearfully alone
And how they stood
In their bare feet being tall for the last time
Just to be good
And that was all they were

They were like you in the same year but you grew up
They were barely even here before they suddenly weren't there
And while you got dressed for bed they did the same but they were led
Into another room instead
[And they were all blown away into thin air] *

I live in the shadow of a hill
A hill of little shoes
I love but I shiver with a chill
A chill I never lose
And I caught that cold when I was chosen to grow old
In the shadow of a hill of little shoes

*        this line is not used in the song
chords(transcription by Ian Chippett)

story In January 1945,... Clives James was five years old...
Loose Canon: The Extraordinary Songs of Clive James and Pete Atkin

Pete Atkin

Coop Boyes Simpson

An abc I wrote when I was trying to learn it.
I think the odd note might be wrong still.

T:Hill Of Little Shoes
C:Pete Atkin (Clive James)
N:As I hear Pete Atkin sing it, I might be wrong
N:Extra beats added to bars with held notes here
I:linebreak $
V:1 treble nm=""
%%MIDI program 0
z3 D | A2 FD | ED CD | B,4 | z2 z E | F4 | z2 z E | A E2 z | F4 |$
w: I|live in the|sha- dow of a|hill|a|hill|of|li- ttle|shoes|
z3 E | A2 ED | EDCD | B,4 | z2 z D | E4 | z2 z F | c2 _B2 | A2$
w: I|love but I|shi- ver with a|chill|a|chill|I|ne- ver|lose
z A, | A4 | z2 D2 | A4 | z2 D2 | A4 | G4 | F4 | $
w: I|live,|I|love,|but|where|are|they?
z2 GF | A3 z | D3 z | A3 z | D3 z | z2 A2 | z2 GF | E2 z2 | z4 | $
w:where are|their|lives?|their|loves?|all|blown a-|way.|
z DEF       | AFE z/ (E/D/)    | CD CD          | B,2 z2 | z CDE    | (F6 || E4) |$
w:And ev- ery|li- ttle shoe is a|foot that ne- ver| grew |a- no- ther|day|||
z z z A, | A^FEF | E2 z D | ^CDCD | B,2 z $
w:If|you could find a|pair and|put them on the|floor
B,/A,/ | A2 ^FE | D2 z D/B,/ | ^CDCD | B,2 $
w:Make a|mark in the|air like the|marks be- side your|door
z A, | ^F2 z2 | z2 A2 | (A2 E2) | z ^CDE      | E6 z D | A,3 z | $
w:when|you    |were   |grow- ing|You'd see how|tall they| were|
z z z A,/A,/ | A^FEF | ED z ^C/D/ | ^CDCD | B,2 z A, | A2 ^F2 | E2 $
w:And the|bu- ckles and the|la- ces they could|do up on their|own Or|al- most|could
z E/D/ | ^CDCD | ^CB, z z | A,2 E2 | z2 A,2 | E4 | D4 | D4 | $
w:With their|tonge tips bare- ly|show- ing|Tell you|how|small|they|were|
z D^CD | BG^FG|^FE z D/E/ | DEDE | ^C2 z A, | ^F4 | z2 A2 | D2 z2 |$
w:And then you'd |think of li- ttle|fa- ces look- ing|fear- fu- lly a-|lone And|how|they|stood|
z z B,A, |BG ^FG | ^FE z D/E/ | D4 | ^C4 | ^F2 z2 | z z GA | D2 z2 |$
w: In their|bare feet be- ing|ta- ll for the|last|time|Just|to be|good||
| z A B^c | d4 | d4 | d4 | z A B^c | d2 c_B | c4 | _B3 z | z z z G | (A4 | G4 | F3) z | z4 | $
w: And that was|all|they|were.|They were like|you in the|same|year,|but|you|grew|up||
d3 G | d_e c_B | c2 z z | z (c_BA) | z4 | (_BcAG) | A2 $
w: They were|bare- ly e- ven|here|be fore they||su- dden- ly weren't|there
| z z GA | _B4 | z c AG | A4 | z A GF | G4 | z A FE | F4 |$
w:And while|you|got dressed for|bed|they did the|same|but they were|led|
z G ED | E4 | D4 | _B,4 | z2 (_B,2 | A,4) |z4 | z4 | $
w: in- to a-|no-|ther|room|in-|stead||||||| ||||||||||||
z2 D2 | A2 FD | ED CD | B,3 z | z2 z D | E2 z z | z2 z D | A2 D2 | F3 z| $
w: I|live in the|sha- dow of a|hill|a|hill|of|li- ttle|shoes
z3 E | A2 ED    | ED CD         | B,3 z | z2 z D | E2 z z |z2 z F | c2 _B2 | A2 $
w: I |love but I|shi- ver with a|chill |      a | chill   |      I|ne- ver| lose
z2 F/G/ | A2 z z | z2 z D | A2 z2 | z D (ED | AD) z2 | z2 AG | F4 |$
w:and I|caught|this|cold|when I was|cho- sen|to grow|old|
z4 | z2 ED | AF EF | ED CD | B,4 | z4 | z4 |] %172
w: |in the|sha- dow of a|hill of li- ttle|shoes|