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Posted By: RoyH (Burl)
05-Feb-01 - 08:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: D Day Dodgers
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: D Day Dodgers
Snuffy, thanks for that. I don't know it, it's after my time I suppose, but I love it. Genuine millitary folklore.I was quite lucky in that there were still quite a few old sweats in when I was, pre-war blokes. I heard quite a bit from them, McCafferty, Soldier Cut Down in his prime, The Somersetshire,that was about a tropship, one called He'll Be his little barrack room across the square. Plus a version of 7 Nights Drunk that made frequent use of the 'c' word. I heard a version of 'The Boston Burglar' where the last line was changed from 'Serve my time in the penitentiary' to ' the Royal Artillery'.There were recitations too,one about 'dying without permission' - I wish I'd written them down. I learned old army slang too -'Bundook' meaning a rifle, (we had 303's),'Glasshouse' for the prison, 'swinging the lead' for skiving, '7 mile snipers' for us, the R.A. At Christmas the officers would serve the o.r's with rum or brandy in the morning, a custom called 'Gunfire'. I don't suppose any of that to you , itwas a long time ago. But thanks for bringing back some memories. Cheers Gunner Snuffy.