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Thread Name: Ed McCurdy CDs and LPs
Subject: RE: Ed McCurdy CDs and LPs
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Folksinger, songwriter, actor.

Jan 11, 1919 Willow Hill, PA
Mar 23, 2000 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


WIFE: Beryl

CHILDREN: Jim (b.1948)
          Dana (b.1952)

From: GUEST,Jim
Date: 29 Apr 06 - 10:37 AM

I was lucky enough to be Ed's chauffer when he played at Cobourg's Waterfront Festival many years ago. He had many interesting stories to tell about Joan Baez (He had a monsterous crush on her*), Judy Collins and Stacey Keach and Merrick Jarrett. He said he completed Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream at Merrick's kitchen table and Merrick was not overly enthusiastic about the song when he showed it to him. He was also a shameless flirt and flirted with my wife whether or not I was present.

*I saw him play the Strangest Dream with Jamie snyder on guitar at Mariposa and part way through, Joan Baez walked out and started to put on a harmony. He said that was one of his finest memories.

Subject: RE: Ed McCurdy CDs and LPs
From: meself - PM
Date: 31 Jan 09 - 11:33 PM

I performed on the same bill as Ed McCurdy at a small pro-peace event at Dalhousie University in the late '70s or early '80s, just after he had moved to Halifax. I had no idea who he was, although I was aware of the buzz concerning his move to Halifax. Anyway, we chatted, and he wanted to know all about who I was and what I was about, and was very encouraging ...

My other memory of him is from an after-party for the Atlantic Folk Festival, maybe that following summer. It was in one of those big old wooden Halifax houses, packed with exuberant revellers and musicians. Looking through a doorway into a room, I saw Ed McCurdy sitting straight-backed on a straight-backed wooden chair, both hands propped on top of a cane, singing Amazing Grace, in that deep, wonderful voice. The room was packed with a silent, spellbound crowd of young people, many sitting literally at his feet. Not exactly the big time, but it must have been a satisfying moment for him.

Richard Flohil [program notes, MARIPOSA Folk Festival 1990]:
'Sometimes grumpy and irascible, he is unique; a man of warmth and sensibility, and a link with
   the great folk singers of the past'


266 W 37TH ST FL 17
NEW YORK , NY 10018

1. DRAMMEN OM FRED P$ V$R JORD Work ID: 340173397   [Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream]

2. IRISH SONG                   Work ID: 390189474

3. KING S HIGHWAY THE          Work ID: 410021551


5. SESAME STREET CUE            Work ID: 498068221

Charlie snyder
Jolly Old Roger

"Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream"
"King's Highway"
    became the official theme songs for the PEACE CORPS and VISTA

------------------ Colorado Cannibal

The Ballad of Alfred Packer refers to at least two songs, one by Phil Ochs and the other by Jack Guinn with help from Katie Lee and Ed McCurdy. Jack was a reporter for the Denver Post and Katie Lee and Ed McCurdy were appearing at the Exodus, a well known Denver folk club in the 60s when the song was written. The whole story is in Katie Lee's book "10,000 Goddam Cattle". The lyrics posted on the Mudcat site are the ones to the Guinn/Lee/McCurdy song.
Ed Stabler


Brown, Bill. 'CBC's sorrowful troubadour,' Montreal Standard, 20 Jul 1949

Ed McCurdy's Song Book of Wit and Mirth
the choice from his recordings of dalliance songs
all lyrics adapted, rearranged and interpreted by Ed McCurdy
all musical settings by Ed McCurdy
24p. 31cm
The Hargail folk anthology HFA-14

???????????????????????????????          is this a publication, or distributor for the LP ?????????????????
Homeward Bound
St. John's, NF Duckworth Distribution, 1992

1927 - 1978 (5th Edition)
Gerald S. Doyle Ltd., purveyors of castor oil and other essentials.

The 1978 edition has 31 songs and half a dozen ballads. Included are Ticklecove Pond,
Hard Hard Times, Homeward and Harbor Le Cou, all recorded by Ed McCurdy on an album in the late 50s.

Neil V. Rosenberg, "The Canadianization of Newfoundland Folksong; or the Newfoundlandization of Canadian Folksong," Journal of Canadian Studies 29/1, 1994.
The marketing of music and song on phonograph recordings that specifically ... Today his 41 hours of tape recordings from those summers are the oldest extant sound recordings of ... One was Ed McCurdy, regularly featured on national CBC.

"Folk singer a fixture at Mariposa festival," Globe and Mail, 30 Mar 2000

Brown, Lorne. "Ed McCurdy," Canadian Folk Music Bulletin, Mar-Jun 2000

NY Times- NEIL STRAUSS, April 1, 2000

Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine, ISSN 0037-5624, 2000, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp. 22 - 23
Last Chorus: Ed McCurdy 1919-2000 by Doug Yeager

Dirty Linen 08/2000 Start Page 8
Tossing Out the Fish: In Memoriam--Ed McCurdy by Paul E. Comeau

The Independent, ISSN 0951-9467, 04/04/2000, p. 6
Obituary: Ed McCurdy by Spencer Leigh

Canadian Folk Music Bulletin 34.1/2 (2000)
Ed McCurdy-Ave atque vale Lorne Brown


biographical information from:
CANADIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA (Author Lynne Hoover, Betty Nygaard King)
album liner notes
MUDCAT online forum
NY Times obituary (NEIL STRAUSS, April 1, 2000)
Canadian Folk Music Bulletin 34.1/2 (2000) Ed McCurdy-Ave atque vale Lorne Brown

discographical data compiled from recordings, library and archive catalogs, trade publications,
and recollections of collectors and associates.

Recordings of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) programs, held by the
LIBRARY and ARCHIVES OF CANADA, are designated by an ISN number.
The full Library and Archives of Canada catalog listing can be viewed by consulting their website.

TV information from many sources, including:

Jan 11, 1919 born: Willow Hill, PA

1934    Oklahoma: voice student, introduced to folk music

1937    Gospel singer, Manhattan (NYC)

1940's WKY radio, Oklahoma City gospel singer

       nightclub singer - worked in Niagara Falls and Toronto.
       met future wife at a show in Vancouver, 20 year old dancer Beryl xxxxx.

????    Vaudeville
          romantic baritone singer for Sally Rand burlesque act
          singer and straight man for "Fat" Jack E. Leonard

Billboard Nov 7, 1942 NIGHT CLUBS - VAUDEVILLE
SPOKANE-Major Bowes ALL GIRL unit grossd good business at the Orpehum
October 21-24., according to Manager W.R.Seals. Fly by Night and Heart
of the Rio Grande were on the screen.
Post Street's bill for October 23-25 drew well above average. It included
Floyd and Emma Lou, Jackie Swift, Sabine O'Neal, Crewe and Summers, Ed
McCurdy, Blondie's Blessed Event and The Man Who Returned to Life.


1943 Film Strip & Soundtrack BACK THE ATTACK - how to sell Victory Bonds       ISN 319997
      National War Finance Committee                                             NWFC VL-10-2
      National Bank of Canada, RCA Victor Company Limited.
      Ed McCurdy host/narrator
Consultation copy:
A1 2000-11-0005

1945    moved to VANCOUVER

Billboard Dec 7, 1946 San Francisco "Baritone Ed McCurdy into Matteoni's, Stockton"

date unknown CBC         Ed McCurdy and His Rhythm Pals                  ISN 129613

1947-48 CBC-radio, Vancouver "Ed McCurdy Sings"

RADIO: 1947-06-03 CBR Vancouver    Ed McCurdy Sings                   ISN 197869

RADIO: 1947-06-13 CBR Vancouver    Ed McCurdy Sings                   ISN 197869    15min

RADIO: 1947-06-14 CBR Vancouver    Ed McCurdy Sings                   ISN 197870    9mn

RADIO: 1947-10-02                  Ed McCurdy Sings                   ISN 197884    13mn
                                    featuring songs sung by Captain Cates

RADIO: 1947-12-30 CBR             Sportman's Guide                   ISN 198039    12mn
Production date: 1947-12-30; Release date: 1948-01-01
Producer, Art Sager; technical control, Bill Howard; announcer, Floyd Morris; host, Hal Denton

Radio program featuring an interview by Hal Denton with Ed McCurdy, folksinger, about: the radio program "Ed McCurdy Sings"; hunting; fishing; including singing of folksongs by Ed McCurdy and comments by Hal Denton about an essay contest; with announcer Lloyd Morris.

RADIO: 1948-09-24                   Ed McCurdy                         ISN 148177   15mn
Ed McCurdy sings western ballads:
   Wild Bill Joe
   On Springfield Mountain
   On the Banks of the Lonely River
   Come, Oh My Love, Oh Fare Ye Well
Catalogue number: 3602-A

PUNKINHEAD (Eaton's) 7001                     10"-78rpm 1948?
[storybook Bear invented by Eaton's Department Store, Christmas 1948.]
7001-A 1. Punkinhead in Bearland
          Narrated by Ed Murdy
       2. The Song Punkinhead
          Sung by Ed McCurdy
7001-B 1. Punkinhead and the Snow Fairy
       2. Punkinhead in Santa's Workshop
Sung by Ed McCurdy
Jimmy Coxon at the Organ

RADIO: 1949-01-29 CBR Vancouver    This Week - The Vitamin Minstrel    ISN 198680   14mn 30s
Radio program including a documentary by Ross McLean, with Ed McCurdy, Joan Fowler, Jerry Sarracini, singers; and Byng Whittaker, announcer.
"It was in his Canadian period that he developed an interest in folk music and released his first folk record in 1949. He had a folk show in New York’s Village Vanguard in 1950 and he moved his family to New York. He became the world’s best-known folk singer. His other professional work was televisions as the “L&M Cigarette man." He was also emcee for the George Gobel show on national TV. Gobel was a very popular comedian at that time. By 1954 Ed had a children’s show "Freddy the Fireman."

1949    CBC, Toronto "Singing in the Wilderness"

RADIO: 1949-04-01                   Welcome to Newfoundland            ISN 229152
Producer/narrator, J. Frank Willis

For the first time Newfoundland is connected as a part of the CBC's Trans-Canada Network. This is a special program to welcome the new Province of Newfoundland to Confederation. It features the following item: Newfoundland folk songs, followed by a comment by E.J. Pratt, explaining the proper pronouncement of Newfoundland and describing some of its charactaristics.
"Up the Pond" played by Howard Cable and his Orchestra.
Ed McCurdy recites "The Tales of Horner Jane".
In conclusion is a statement from Captain [Gubbage], OBE.,skipper of the steamship "Cabot Strait".
Joseph Schull sends a personal message on behalf of the Royal Canadian Navy to the citizens of Newfoundland.   Schull speaks of the activities of the Island of Newfoundland during the last war.
This is followed by a medley of seafaring songs.
From Ottawa, Leonard W. Brockington sends greetings from the nine older provinces to the tenth province of the Dominion.
Songs include songs from Newfoundland:
   "The Petty Harbour Bait Skiff" and and "The Tale of the Hemmer Jane", sung by Ed McCurdy;
    three Newfoundland songs arranged for girls' voices by Leslie Bell, "Bonavista Harbour", "The Long Beach Sea" and "I's the B'y that Builds the Boat";
    the RCNVR Barber Song; songs from the Maritimes, a medley called "Songs from the Gulf" arranged by Leslie Bell and Howard Cable; "We'll Rant and We'll Roar Like True Newfoundlanders"; Lukie's Boat is Painted Green"; "À la claire fontaine"; "Le chapelet de l'évêque"; and "The Squidjiggin' Ground". <1h>
Catalogue number: 490401-3

RADIO: 1949-05-13                     Ed McCurdy Sings
Catalogue number: 37494

RADIO: 1949-08-12                     Ed McCurdy Sings             ISN: 32254
Catalogue number: 38565

RADIO: 1949-08-12                     Ed McCurdy Sings             ISN: 268563
Catalogue number: 490812-1

[recorded about 1949 - based on other Monogram matrix numbers]
ED McCURDY, vocal
RAY NORRIS, guitar

MONOGRAM Records Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) 134 154 160 164    10"-78rpm   1949-1950
BEAVER 3006 3010                                                    10"-78rpm c.1954

BEAVER 3010             10" 78rpm Non Breakable
       JOSH WHITE and his guitar
       ED McCURDY and his guitar

MRC 760 RIDERS IN THE SKY (Stan Jones)               MONOGRAM 134-A 1949

MRC 776 COTON-EYED JOE; WORRIED MAN BLUES            MONOGRAM 160    Billboard Mar 25, 1950 Advance releases
                                                      BEAVER 3006
         "Cotton-Eyed Joe" was Ed McCurdy's 1950's CBC theme song.

MRC 777 RIDE AN OLD PAINT                            BEAVER 3010
          ED McCURDY and his guitar

MRC 778 ???   
MRC 779 CARELESS LOVE                               MONOGRAM 160
                                                      BEAVER 3006

         LUKEY'S BOAT; BLACK EYED SUSY                MONOGRAM 154    Billboard Dec 3 1949 Advance
         SQUID JIGGIN' GROUND                         MONOGRAM 154

         BALLADE OF THE FRANK SLIDE                   MONOGRAM 164    Billboard March 25 1950 Advance   

[Possibly the SEECO albums are drawn from the MONOGRAM c.1949 session,
partly based on producer credit, accompaniment, songs, and connections between the
Canadian Monogram label and SEECO founder Sidney Siegel. It is also possible
that the SEECO albums were recorded in the 1950's duplicating the Monogram titles.]

DAWN (Seeco) DLP 1127 THE FOLK SINGER                   LP ??1955 [label discontinued in 1958]
SEECO celp 439         THE FOLK SINGER                   LP 2/1958
BRONJO (Seeco) BR-107 THE FOLK SINGER                   LP early 1960's    [99-cent label]

Ed McCurdy accompanied on guitar by Ray Norris.

liner notes; Jack Stanley
produced by Chuck Darwin

A1 Squid Jiggin' Ground               
A2 Pretty Little Black Eyed Susy      
A3 Lukey's Boat
A4 Ride An Old Paint
A5 Lavender Cowboy
A6 Riders in the Sky
B1 Ballad of (The) Frank Slide
B2 Cotton-Eyed Joe
B3 It Takes A Worried Man To Sing A Worried Song
B4 Western Wind
B5 Black Is The Color
B6 Careless Love

1950    composed "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream"

1950    Village Vanguard, New York City                         WHAT IS ACTUAL DATE ???????????????

RADIO: 1950-01-13                     Ed McCurdy                   ISN: 15279
Portion of radio program featuring singer Ed McCurdy performing folk songs and commenting on them. He sings Bonny George Campbell. The announcer is Harry Mannis.
Catalogue number: 40635
Consultation copy: C04505

RADIO: 1950-01-13                     Ed McFerguson                ISN: 15280
Spoof of the singing of Ed McCurdy by Max Ferguson, playing his character Marvin Mellobell. Ferguson, as Mellowbell, sings a comic song featuring jokes about radio show titles, to guitar accompaniment.
Catalogue number: 40635
Consultation copy: C04505

RADIO 1950-02-05 CBC-Toronto          Stage 50: The Man in the Blue Moon    ISN: 116321
director/producer, Andrew Allan; announcer, Lamont Tilden; music, Lucio Agostini; sound, David Taskers; technical assistant, Andrew Stewart
Cast credit: Ed McCurdy, John Drainie, Charmion King, Howard Milsom, Pegi Brown, Budd Knapp, Katherine Blake, [John Howe], John Colicos, Paul Kligman, Alan Pearce, Tommy Tweed, E.M. Margoleste, Gerard Sarracini
Description: DRAMA
Catalogue number: 40999 500205-1

RADIO: 1950-04-04                      Ed McCurdy                      ISN: 357649
Catalogue number: 1538

RADIO: 1950-04-14
         Tales of the Minstrels-The Tale of the Rich Councillor       ISN: 229972 [incomplete] Part 1 of 2
director/producer, J. Frank Willis; script, Alan King; announcer, Alan Maitland; music, Sam Hersenhoren; sound, Bert Stanley; technical operator, John Hawkins
Cast credit: Ruth Springford, Elizabeth Cole, Frank Peddie, Lister Sinclair, Eric Christmas, John Bethune, Robert Christie, Alan King, [Garth Magworth]

Part of a musical radio drama written by Alan King featuring balladeer Ed McCurdy. <15mn of 30>
Catalogue number: 42008

RADIO: 1950-04-28 CBC-Toronto
         TALES OF THE MINSTRELS- The Ballad of Sam Bass : The Texas Bad Man       ISN: 202076 <30mn>
Production credit: producer, J. Frank Willis; writer, Alan King; sound, Bert Stanley(?); music, Samuel Hersenhoren; technical assistant, John Hawkins(?); announcer, Don Sims
Cast credit: Ed McCurdy, John Drainie, Frank Perry, Herb Gott, Alex McKee, Murray Westgate, Jack Scott, Jack Anthony, Budd Knapp, Michael Kane, Alice Hill, Arden Keay         
Catalogue number: 42224

RADIO 1950-05-05 CBC-Toronto
       TALES OF THE MINSTRELS-Lost on the Lady Elgin       ISN: 202080 <30mn>
Production credit: director/producer, J. Frank Willis; sound, Bert Stanley; music, Samuel Hersenhoren; technical assistant, Cecil Johns; announcer, Max Ferguson
Cast credit: Ed McCurdy
Catalogue number: 42334

RADIO: 1950-05-12 CBC-Toronto
         TALES OF THE MINSTRELS-The Story of Robin Hood and the Three Squires       ISN: 202082 <30mn>
Production credit: director/producer, J. Frank Willis; sound, Bert Stanley; music, Samuel Hersenhoren; technical assistant, Bruce Armstrong; announcer, Max Ferguson
Cast credit: Ed McCurdy
Catalogue number: 42456

RADIO 1950-05-26 CBC-Toronto TALES OF THE MINSTRELS-Well Sold the Cow       ISN: 202087 <30mn>
Production credit: director/producer, J. Frank Willis; writer, Alan King; sound, Bert Stanley; technical assistant, Bruce Armstrong; announcer, Max Ferguson
Cast credit: Ed McCurdy

Radio program featuring a radio drama with music composed by Phil Nimmons and conducted by Samuel Hersenhoren. Catalogue number: 42688

RADIO: 1950-06-02 CBC-Toronto TALES OF THE MINSTRELS-The Ballad of the Frank Slide ISN: 202088 <30mn>
Production credit: director/producer, J. Frank Willis; writer, Robert E. Gard; sound, Bert Stanley; music, Lucio Agostini; technical assistant, Mary Muir(?); announcer, Alan Maitland
Cast credit: Ed McCurdy
Catalogue number: 42796

1950-06-09 CBC-Toronto TALES OF THE MINSTRELS-The Fightin Finches          ISN: 202090
Production credit: director/producer, J. Frank Willis; writer, Robert E. Gard; sound, Bert Stanley; technical assistant, Mary Muir(?); announcer, Alan Maitland
Cast credit: Ed McCurdy

Radio program featuring a radio drama with music composed by John Dobson(?) and conducted by Samuel Hersenhoren.
Catalogue number: 42896

RADIO: 1950-06-30 CBC-Toronto TALES OF THE MINSTRELS-The Cowboy's Lament      ISN: 200659 <30mn>
Production credit: producer, J. Frank Willis; writer, Edith Fowke; announcer, Alan Maitland
Radio program with Alan Maitland, announcer, and performance of radio drama with Ed McCurdy, folksinger.   

RADIO: 1950-07-07 CBC-Toronto TALES OF THE MINSTRELS-The Ballad of the Frank Slide ISN 202094 <30mn>
Production credit: director/producer, J. Frank Willis; writer, Robert E. Gard; sound, David Tasker; music, Lucio Agostini; technical assistant, Stan Westlake; announcer, Bill Bessey
Cast credit: Ed McCurdy, Jack Scott, Sandra Scott, Roxana Bond, Doug Haskins, Alice Mather, Herb Gott, Tommy Tweed, Larry McCance, George Murray, Robert Christie, Alex McKee, Neil Leroy, Austin Willis
Catalogue number: 37776

RADIO: 1950-08-17 CBN          Ed McCurdy          ISN: 357835

RADIO: 1951-05-03               Ed McCurdy          ISN: 49315
Catalogue number: 47728

RADIO: 1951-10-02               Red Feather Show : [incomplete]                ISN: 148202
Production credit: director/producer, Dick Diespecker; script, Norman Campbell

Second part of a radio broadcast from the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver to raise funds for the Red Feather campaign. This segment of the program features music by Suzanne, the star of the radio program HARMONY HOUSE who sings "Shangai"; Art Hallman and his band performing "Because of You"; the Rhythm Pals; Ray Norris and his Vancouver chapter of the Sunshine Society Seven; Rick Hyslop; and the Nabobettes. The closing number by Hallman, Hyslop, and the Nabobettes is "In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening". <5mn>
Catalogue number: 9629-A

1. Part 2 of 2 only.
2. CBC description also lists performers Ed McCurdy, The Rhythm Pals and Betty Phillips.
3. Possibly on reverse of 1984-0164/7698.

Consultation copy:
A1 9809-0001

RADIO: 1951-11-05 CBC-Vanouver      The Sunshine Society: Reluctant Dragon             ISN: 148194 <8mn>
Music and offbeat skits. Musical selections include: "Katie, the Kangaroo", Betty Phillips;
"Molly, Dear Molly", Ed McCurdy. Backup by Ray Norris and the Sunshine Society Band.
Catalogue number: 9633-B

RADIO: 1951-12-17                                                         ISN 130778
1. Note that many productions were made by Towers of London, a producer of syndicated radio programs. According to 'A Parent Contradiction', the biography of Don Harron, the company recorded programs in London and beamed programs to Britain via the pirate radio station Radio Luxembourg to get around the BBC monopoly on broadcasting. (A Parent Contradiction, pp. 138-139). 2. Covers discs in CBC cabinets 1-4 of Special Disc Collection. [1-1]
Catalogue number: 518 511217-3

RADIO: 1952-03-14             Rawhide                                    ISN: 41502 <20mn>
Production credit: host, Max Ferguson
Description: COMEDY
A man from the tax department discusses how to fill out income tax forms. One of the RAWHIDE boys promotes his opera called Grimy Peter. Rawhide presents a selection of recorded music by Joseph Maurais, Kathleen Ferrier and Ed McCurdy.
Catalogue number: 53843 520314-1

RADIO: 1952-04-09   Rawhide                                              ISN: 260961 <20mn>
Production credit: host, Max Ferguson
Rawhide presents a selection of recorded music by: Ed McCurdy; Florence Foster Jenkins; a Russian women's folk choir; an African Zulu male choir; and cantor Samuel Milafksi and his family.   
Catalogue number: 520409-1 54386

TV: 1952-1954 Uncle Ed's Party (Series)
    Aka: Ed's Place; Uncle Ed's Place
A program of songs and stories for young viewers, with Ed McCurdy. Set in a weird house that could only be entered through a coal chute.
Ed McCurdy....Host
Joe Austin....various characters

WORLD BROADCASTING - WORLD PROGRAM SERVICE, DISC 182             16" transcription - circa.1952
[note: World Broadcasting now owned by GHB Foundation/Jazzology]
Ed McCURDY and his Rhythm Pals
G. DRIMMIN' DOWN                  1:54 Folk Ballad
H. JAY GOULD'S DAUGHTER          1:49 Fast Novelty
J. THE BLUE JUNIATA               2:06 Slow Folk Ballad
L. THE BALLAD OF THE FRANK SLIDE 3:45 Folk Ballad with Spoken and vocal Chorus
M. LUKEY'S BOAT                   :58 Bright Folk Novelty
[A-C DICK HAYMES with Carmen Dragon and his Orchestra
DE-F MIMI BENZELL with Henry Sylvern's Orchestra]

World Program Service Disc 196 .... a while 3) monica lewis with mack stewart quartet - honey 4) ed mccurdy & his rhythm pals - on the banks of that

World Program Service Disc 223 ... Honey 4) Ed Mccurdy & His Rhythm Pals - On The Banks Of That Lonely River 5) Ed Mccurdy & His ...

WHITEHALL LP 850                                     LP 1952?? [mentioned NY Times 5 September 1954]
[Jacket: Whitehall LP 850; Disc: Whitehall 33-551A/B ]
[pressed on cheap plastic with rippling grooves and water marks,
   might have been connected with Solitaire.]
unsigned liner notes
["My thanks to Gerald Doyle of St.John's, Newfoundland, and to Helen Creighton
of Nova Scotia for their help and advice."]

CAMBRIDGE (Monarch) VP 11 SONGS OF THE SEA                                          LP 19xx
[Whitehall stamper numbers scratched out; no liner notes]

SUTTON SU/SSU 265                            AMERICAN FOLK SONGS                     LP 196x
TIARA[Spotlight Series] TST 537/TMS 7537    ED McCURDY SINGS FOLKSONGS OF THE SEA   LP c.1963

NOTE: CAMBRIDGE and TIARA albums contain exactly the same songs as WHITEHALL, but in different sequence.]

Ed McCurdy, vcl & g.
assisted by Vic Centro (accordion) and Norm Chapman (guitar)

33-551-A Songs of Newfoundland
A1 Squid jiggin' ground               VP11 A1 Tiara B2 SUTTON B2
A2 Squaring up time                   VP11 A2 Tiara B1 SUTTON B1
A3 Hard hard times                   VP11 A3 Tiara B5 SUTTON B5
A4 She's like the swallow             VP11 A4 Tiara B3 SUTTON B3
A5 Good ship Jubilee                  VP11 A8 Tiara B6 SUTTON B6
A6 Sally Brown                        VP11 A5 Tiara A1 SUTTON A1   
A7 Jack was every inch a sailor       VP11 A6 Tiara B4 SUTTON B4
A8 Trinity cake                      VP11 A7 Tiara B7 SUTTON B7

33-551-B Songs of the Canadian Maritimes
B1 Lukey's boat                      VP11 B1 Tiara A2 SUTTON A2
B2 Gay spanish maid                   VP11 B2 Tiara A3 SUTTON A3
B3 Down by the green-wood siding      VP11 B3 Tiara A4 SUTTON A4
B4 Drymindown                         VP11 B4 Tiara A5 SUTTON A5
B5 Drummer boy at Waterloo            VP11 B5 Tiara A6 SUTTON A6
B6 Ocean queen                        VP11 B6 Tiara A7 SUTTON A7
B7 Back bay hill                      VP11 B7 Tiara A8 SUTTON A8

NOTE: the following SPINORAMA, CORONET, VIKING albums have many song titles in common

VIKING VK 017/VKS 1017 KINGS OF FOLK SONG                            LP 19xx
                           featuring Josh White Leadbelly Ed McCurdy
    B3 Hard Hard Times   
    B4 She's Like The Swallow   
    B5 Squaring Up Time

SPINORAMA (Premier Albums) M/S-128 SONGS OF THE SEA/WINDJAMMER            LP 19xx
                                     Chad Willis & The Beachstones
    A1 Down by the Greenwood Siding
    A2 She's Like A Swallow
    A3 Ocean Queens
    A4 Drummer Boy For Waterloo
    A5 Black is the Color
    B1 Hard Hard Times
    B2 Good Ship Jubilee
    B3 Squaring Up Time
    B4 Drymin Down
    B5 Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor

SPINORAMA S-122 FOLK SONGS Hootenanny featuring Ed McCurdy             LP 1960
CORONET   S-122 FOLK SONGS & HOOTENANNY                                 LP xxxx
CORONET CXS-168 FOLK SONGS featuring Ed McCurdy                         LP xxxx
PREMIER K-60 Country & Western Jamboree                               5-LP box
          K-60-2 ED McCURDY, Folk Songs

    A1 Squid Jiggin' Ground
    A2 John Hardy
    A3 Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor
    A4 The Old Chisholm Trail
    A5 Lukey's Boat

    B1 Sally Brown   
    B2 Careless Love
    B3 Black Is The Color
    B4 Back Bay Hill
    B5 Red River Valley

SPINORAMA M/S-171 [4-21-66] THE BEST OF THE WEAVERS also Starring ED McCURDY       LP 1966
[A product of Premier Albums, Inc., 1650 Broadway, New York 19, N.Y. JU 6-5253]
                                    3-LP box [Spinorama 171/Coronet 265/Coronet 257]
    B1 John Hardy
    B2 Back Bay Hill
    B3 Sally Brown
    B4 Squid Jiggin' Ground
    B5 Careless Love

SPINORAMA S-192 BURL IVES SINGS Five Early Tunes also Starring ED McCURDY    LP 1967
PREMIER PS-9004 BURL IVES SINGS Five Early Tunes also Starring ED McCURDY    LP 19xx [s/m-192A/B] 1963
    B1 Sally Brown
    B2 Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor
    B3 Black Is The Color
    B4 Back Bay Hill
    B5 Lukey’s Boat

RADIO: 1953    CBC, Vancouver "Young People's Radio Magazine"

RADIO: 1953-54 CBC-TV children's program "Ed's Place"

TV 1953 CBC Songs from Everywhere (Series) (1953)
   A fixture of CBC television's first years, Ed McCurdy starred in this half-hour musical program, on which he and his guests sang folk songs.

RADIO: 1953-07-01 CBC-Toronto CBC Wednesday Night - Bonanza                  ISN: 202279 <90mn>
Production credit: director/producer, Arthur Hiller; writer, Jim Richardson; sound, Fred Tudor; music, Lucio Agostini; technical assistant, John Sliz
Cast credit: Frank Peddie, Pegi Loder, Fred M. Diehl(?), Roxanna Bond, Ed McCurdy, Joy Lafleur, Gerry Sarracini, Murray Westgate
Radio program featuring a radio musical. Music and lyrics by Chet Lambertson. Soloists: Bruce Webb(?), Doreen Hulme, Art Holman(?), Freda Wright(?), Bernard Johnson, Ed McCurdy. Chorus directed by Gino Silvi.
Catalogue number: 74655

1953 Director of Music: Louis Applebaum
Aug 6 Songs of Canada, England and the United States: Ed McCurdy (folk singer)
Aug 12 Ed McCurdy (folk singer)

RADIO: 1953-12-12 CBC-Toronto      Stage 54-The Legend of the Baskets          ISN: 202304   <60mn>
Production credit: director/producer, Andrew Allan; announcer, Lamont Tilden; music, Lucio Agostini; sound, David Tasker; technical assistant, Andrew Stewart; script, Ted Allan
Cast credit: Ed McCurdy, John Drainie, Charmion King, Howard Milsom, Pegi Brown, Budd Knapp, Katherine Blake, John Howe(?), John Colicos, Paul Kligman, Alan Pearce, Tommy Tweed, E.M. Margolese, Gerard Sarracini

Radio program featuring a radio drama by Ted Allan based on a story by B. Traven.
Catalogue number: 78347

RADIO: 1954-03-31      CBC Wednesday Night-The Hero of Mariposa                ISN: 174998 <1h 28mn>
Production credit: producer, Jackie Rae; script, Mavor Moore; conductor/composer, Howard Cable
Cast credit: George Murray, Maxine Miller, Terry Dale, Ed McCurdy (role: Mal Tompkins), John Martin, Rod Coneybeare, Bernard Johnson, Tommy Tweed, Frank Peddie, Beth Lockerbie, Bill Needles, Alex McKee, Bob Christie, Murray Westgate, Frank Perry, Douglas Master, Tommy Tweed   

Performance for CBC Radio of a musical comedy by Mavor Moore, based on the book "Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town" by Stephen Leacock.   
Catalogue number: 691112-1 540331-1

Consultation copy:
A1 2007-04-0003
A1 2007-04-0004

MANHATTAN (Solitaire Recordings, Toronto, Canada) SR-044         10" LP    195u   
[12 of the most Beloved Canadian FOLK SONGS as requested of
Mr. McCurdy during the course of his popular program over the C.B.C.]

A1 Green grow the lilacs                                 2:04
A2 Tambolin                                              1:31 [Merle Travis "John Bolin"; Brian O'Linn]
A3 Going down the road                                  1:57
A4 Sailing down the coast                               2:40 [High Barbaree; Henry Martyn]
A5 Hard Times in Durham Jail                            3:04
A6 Gambler's Blues                                       2:01
B1 Old Joe Clark                                        1:39
B2 John Henry                                           3:09
B3 Western wine                                          1:26 [Westryn Wynde]
B4 Dark is the colour                                    2:18 [Black is the Color-J.J.Niles]
B5 Bold fisherman                                        1:34
B6 Who's Going To Shoe My Horse                         2:14 [Who's Gonna Shoe Your pretty Little Feet]

    ??Going down town [in some catalog listings]

TRIUMPH (Canada) MO-15                                        10" 78rpm

TRIUMPH (Canada) MO-16                                           10" 78rpm
Lukeys Boat
Down By The Greenwood Siding
Sung by Ed McCurdy

1954    moved to New York City

SAPPHIRE (Toronto, Canada) 101                                  10" 78rpm c.1954
S-EP500 1.THAT'S AMORE (Warren-Brooks)   Wally Koster and Ellis McLintock Orch.
         2.CHANGING PARTNERS (Darion-Coleman) Frances Wright and Ron Howard Orch.
S-EP501 1.JONES BOY (Mizzy-Curtis)    Ellie Van Evera Group
         2.BIMBO (Rod Morris)          Ed McCurdy
Bimbo was a Jim Reeves hit, Billboard Mar 27, 1954

TV: Camera Three (27 Mar. 1955)       30 min.
THE FORTY-NINERS - The story of the migration westward in search of gold.
Stars: Royal Dano, Michael Kane and Ed McCurdy

       These programs preserved by Getty Images, and The Paley Center for Media.

Sponsor Jul-Dec 1955
Ed McCurdy, western-style singer
of the Easy Glamur jingle (page 44
this issue of SPONSOR) shared credits
with tv playwrightw Sherman Yellen
and Peter Stone on Labor Day. McCurdy
performed and created the
music for a song written by Yellen
and Stone for their play DAYS BEFORE
BATTLE produced on STUDIO ONE's Sum-
mer Theatre. Incidentally, play was a
tv first for its authors and actor Ted
Flicker, all three of whom were college

TV: CAMERA THREE - CBS-TV, September 4, 1955 3:30-4:00PM
SONGBAG FOR A HOLIDAY composed of folk songs sung by Ed McCurdy and Jean Ritchie
Americans at work and at play
accompaniment dulcimer and guitar
James MacAndrew commentary
[NYTimes September 5 1955]

TV: CAMERA THREE - Season 1, Episode 4, February 12, 1956, Sunday   CBS-TV 11:30AM 30min.
FOLK SONG - Guest Star: Ed McCurdy; Guest: Jo Mapes
American folk music popular during the first half of the 19th century are performed as the balladiers pay a special tribute to Abraham Lincoln with a selection of Walt Whitman verses set to music.
Music performed includes the following: "Fare Thee Well, Molly"; "I'm Bound for the Promised Land"; "To the West, To the West"; Mapes sings "Mockingbird"; McCurdy sings his musical setting of Walt Whitman's Lincoln elegy, "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd"; "Will You Wear White, Jenny Jenkins?"; "I Give My Love a Cherry"; "Go Tell Aunt Nancy, the Old Grey Goose Is Dead"; "Oh, Do You See the Little Turtledove?"; and "Skip to My Lou." Includes a public service announcement for Radio Free Europe's efforts to help "fight communism."

Sponsor Jul-Dec 1955
appears in Darling Stores throughout
the telecast area.
TV: WABD TV Ch.5 FREDDIE THE FIREMAN weekday evenings
    Monday evening, July 16, 1956 - Friday, October 21, 1956
    Sally Siren; Willie Whistle
    [WABD Allen B. DuMONT television, later WNEW-TV Metromedia, WNYW Fox]

A: RODEO International RLP 102 HOMEWARD BOUND A Selection of Canadian Folklore    LP 1960??
   RODEO RBS 1181               HOMEWARD BOUND A Selection of Canadian Folklore    LP
   BANFF RBS 1181               HOMEWARD BOUND A Selection of Canadian Folklore    LP
    [stampers MG.317/MG.318 on all, same back cover used for each]
B: ROSEDALE R 2027             HOMEWARD BOUND                                     CDr 2011
    [insert states "Original release 1965, Celtic Records"]

    [A Product of RODEO RECORDS LTD. distributed in Canada by LONDON Records of Canada Ltd.]
RODEO International (Canada) SRLP-2-7121                   2-LP 1972
                  THE SAGA OF CANADIAN COUNTRY & FOLK MUSIC (Late 40's through the 50's)
    ["From the archives of Aragon, London & Rodeo Records."; Sean Eyre, Commentator]
Canadian Cavalcade CCC 55-4608                                     CS

JASMINE(UK) JASMCD 3508 COWBOY COUNTRY                            CD 2000
    [Ed McCurdy and his Rhythm Pals] = this might be from World Program Service transcription ???

Ed McCurdy
Biographical notes printed on container
performed by Ed McCurdy with instrumental accompaniment

A: B:
-- --
A1 2. Homeward bound               2:47
A2 1. Harbour Le Cou               2:07
A3 4. When I was in my prime       3:24
A4 3. Carrion crow                3:11             BANFF RBS 1133(A4)
A5 5. Hard hard times             1:52             RODEO International SRLP-2-7121 (15)
A6 6. The bonnie house of Airlie   3:07             BANFF RBS 1133(B1)
B1 12. The Nova Scotia song [Farewell To Nova Scotia] 3:02
B2 7. When the Caplin come         2:31             Canadian Cavalcade CCC 55-4608 (xx)
B3 8. Cherry tree carol            2:38
B4 9. Tickle Cove pond             2:32             JASMINE(UK) JASMCD 3508(16)
B5 11. Down by the brook            1:37
B6 10. Come all my old comrades    3:14

CD tracks 13-17 by OMAR BLONDAHL
   13. Cod Liver Oil
   14. John Yetman
   15. Twin Lakes
   16. Prisoner of Newfoundland
   17. Squaring Up Time

RIVERSIDE [Folklore Series] RLP 12-601               THE BALLAD RECORD      LP 1955
                                                       [NY Times December 18, 1955]
WASHINGTON [Folk Music of the World Series] WLP 705 THE BALLAD RECORD      LP 1961
                                                       [Billboard Special Merit Album Dec 4, 1961]

RIVERSIDE WONDERLAND RLP 1419 - Everybody Sing      LP 19xx
    Volume 2 For Juniors – Oscar Brand, Bob Gibson, Ed McCurdy

Sung and played by Ed McCurdy
Notes by Kenneth S. Goldstein
Introductory Text by MacEdward Leach

A1 Sir Patrick Spens       (Child #58)
A2 The Three Ravens       (Child #26)             Riverside S-2(A7)
A3 The Twa Corbies         (Child #26)
A4 Get Up and Bar the Door (Child #273)
A5 Son Davie, Son Davie    (Child #13)
A6 The Unquiet Grave       (Child #78)
A7 The Bitter Withy
A8 Crow Song               (Child #26)
A9 Black Jack Davie       (Child #200)
A10 Old Bangum
A11 High Barbary                                    Riverside RLP 1419 B1b
B1 Brennan On The Moor
B2 William Glen
B3 The Butcher Boy
B4 The Poor and Single Sailor
B5 Springfield Mountain (Myrick type)
B6 Springfield Mountain (Molly type)
B7 John Henry
B8 Canada-I-O
B9 Omie Wise

A: ELEKTRA EKL-16 [JH 520 A/B] BADMEN and HEROES                10"-LP 1955
    Ed McCurdy, Jack Elliot and Oscar Brand
B: ELEKTRA EKL-129 BADMEN, HEROES and PIRATE Songs and Ballads 12"-LP 1959
    [Side 1 from EKL-16 - 2 McCurdy tracks deleted,
    Side 2 from EKL 18 PIRATE Songs and Ballads, Dick Wilder]
Production: Jac Holzman

ELEKTRA SMP2 NEW Folk Sampler                                     LP 1956
ELEKTRA SMP2 FOLK FESTIVAL                                        LP 1959
MACMILLAN/COLUMBIA SPECIAL PRODUCTS CSM 461-3 / 27559          3-LP 1966 box
    Macmillan Gateway English-Poetry And Song

A: B:
-- --
A1 __ Captain Kidd                   Macmillan CSM 462(B4)
A3 __ Jesse James
A5 A8 Quantrell
B1 A1 Bold Turpin
B5 A5 Robin Hood and the Bold Pedlar Elektra SMP2(A5)

ELEKTRA EKL 24 [JH 528 A/B] SIN SONGS Pro and Con          10"-LP 1955
ELEKTRA EKL 124               SIN SONGS Pro and Con          12"-LP 1956 [2 cover designs-orange, black]
[EKL 124 contains EKLP 24 plus 4 additional tracks]
Ed McCurdy
Production: Jac Holzman

Side 1 - Pro
A1 A1 The Jolly Boatsman
A2 A2 How Happy Is She
.. A3 Roving Gambler
A3 A4 I Once Had Virtue
A4 A5 The Gambler's Song
A5 A6 The Good Boy's Song
A6 A7 Good Old Mountain Dew
.. A8 Ballad Of A Young Man
A7 A9 Rye Whiskey

Side 2 - Con
B1 B1 Tobacco Is An Indian Weed
B2 B2 Three Pretty Fair Maids
B3 B3 Young People Who Delight In Sin
B4 B4 Poor Polly, The Mad Girl
B5 B7 John Adkin's Farewell
B6 B5 Gambling On The Sabbath Day
.. B6 She Plays The Game
.. B8 Frozen Charlotte
B7 B9 An Address for all Concerning Death

In the sleeve notes Ed writes: "I have led a rather varied and active life - and for various reasons consider myself well qualified to sing about SIN".

A: BY-LINE BL-1   FRANKIE and JOHNNY and other folk song favorites      10" LP c.1955 [GS-1A/1B]
    [255 West 88th Street New York 24, New York]
B: CLASSIC EDITIONS CE 1045 FRANKIE & JOHNNY                               LP 1959 lyrics booklet
    [Billboard Aug 31, 1959 Classic Editions/Music Minus One CE 1045
    The Journal of American Folklore Vol. 73, No. 289 (Jul. - Sep., 1960), pp. 278-280
    HI-FI Stereo Review, July 1961 p.80 ]
Sung by Ed McCurdy

liner notes by Kenneth S. Goldstein
Engineered by Jac Holzman

A: B:
A1 A1 Frankie and Johnny
A2 A2 My bonny lad
A3 A3 Widdicombe fair (Tam Pierce)
A4 A4 Red rosy bush
A5 A5 Richard of Taunton Dean
.. A6 Sweet Kitty Clover
.. A7 The Uncommon Gray Mare

B1 B1 Who killed Cock Robin?
B2 B2 The bold fisherman
B3 B3 Red River shore
B4 B4 The praties they grow small
.. B5 Jay Gould's Daughter
.. B6 Green Broom
.. B7 The Stolen Kiss
B5 B8 'Twas in the broad Atlantic.

CAPRI (Canada) C 507 LET'S SING OUT                      LP c.1956   [ARC-CAPRI 507 S1/S2]
Ed McCurdy
A1 Let me fly
A2 Drawdad song [Crawdad Song]
A3 If I get lost
A4 Old zip Coon
A5 Henry Martin
A6 The keeper
B1 Buffalo gals
B2 Pay day at Coal Creek
B3 Ezekiel
B4 Kings highway
B5 Pick a bale of cotton
B6 Careless love

LATE 1950's recordings with PETER WELDON:

                                                          Billboard Aug 15, 1964 new releases
Ed McCurdy, guitar ; Peter Weldon, banjo
[stampers show BD-6-63 date, A-0060-1/2, P-5003-1/2, FLP 5001-1/2]
A1 The Keeper
A2 Ezekiel
A3 Pick a Bale of Cotton
A4 I Can’t Feel At Home in this World Anymore
A5 Wrangle Tangle Gypsies
A6 Jacob’s Ladder
B1 Blame Me Not for Weeping
B2 Poor Little Jesus
B3 Hullabaloo Belay
B4 Jack O’Diamonds
B5 I’m Sad and I'm Lonely
B6 I Will Give My Love an Apple

Folk Art FLP 5006    SYMBOLS OF THE TIME                LP 1965
Ed McCurdy America's Foremost Folksinger
Ed McCurdy, guitar; Peter Weldon, banjo
Produced by George Alpert
Liner notes George Alpert

[FLP 5006-1   A 0121-A]
A1 Let Me Fly
A2 Crawdad Song
A3 If I Get Lost
A4 Old Zip Coon
A5 Henry Martin
A6 Buffalo Gals

[FLP 5006-2   A 0121-B]
B1 Pay Day At Gold Creek
B2 King’s Highway
B3 Careless Love
B4 Durant Jail
B5 Barnyard Song
   [ This nursery rhyme first appeared in print in 1847, under the odd title My Cock Lily-cock. It
    has remained popular, but has changed names many times. It has recently been published in
    children's pictures books under the names Cat goes fiddle-i-fee by Paul Galdone, A Farmyard
    Song by Christopher Manson, and as an unnamed entry in some collections of nursery rhymes.
    It also goes under the names Fiddle-i-Fee and I Had a Cat]
   [Musical setting by Aaron Copland (1900-1990) , "I bought me a cat", 1950, first performed
    1950 [voice and piano or orchestra], from Old American Songs, First Set, no. 5. ]
B6 Venezuela

ELEKTRA    EKL 108 BLOOD, BOOZE 'n' BONES                               LP 1956
BOUNTY(UK) BY 6017 BLOOD, BOOZE 'n' BONES                               LP 1966

ELEKTRA SMP2 NEW Folk Sampler                                          LP 1956
ELEKTRA SMP2 FOLK FESTIVAL                                             LP 1959
CRESTVIEW(Elektra) CRV-806 THE ORIGINAL HOOTENANNY                     LP 1963
    [BILLBOARD POP SPECIAL MERIT Billboard Jun 15, 1963]

Elektra-Folkways EKL-BOX 9001                                       4-LP 1964 book, box
Illustrated 48-page book. Detailed notes, texts, bibliography & discography.
Compiled and annotated by Robert Shelton, produced by Jac Holzman.

LEGACY (Elektra/Everest) LEG-110 STEREO FOLK FESTIVAL            LP c.1971
EMBER(UK) EMB 3415               Showcase Of Super Stars          LP 1973
TIME WIND(G) F50 002             FOLK FESTIVAL                   LP 19xx [LEG 110 A/B]
Sine Qua Non SQN 126 An Anthology of folk music. Volume II    4-LP 1974 [Rec.1 Side 1=LEG 110A]

RHINO 74264 WASHINGTON SQUARE MEMOIRS: The Great Urban Folk Boom, 1950-1970 3-CD 2001 UPC: 08122 74264 22
    [includes 72-page illustrated booklet containing liner notes by Jac Holzman & Cary Ginell]

ED McCurdy
Banjo accompaniment, Erik Darling.

Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley

A1 Darlin' Cory               2:48            Rhino 74264 (1.5)
A2 Josie             [Frankie and Johnny]    Elektra SMP2(A1) Crestview CRV-806(B2) Legacy LEG110 (A6)
A3 The Dublin Murder Ballad
A4 Four Nights Drunk [Our Goodman}
A5 Cowboy's Lament
A6 Kentucky Moonshiner                        Elektra BOX (B10)
A7 No More Booze
A8 Farewell To Grog
B1 Portland County Jail
B2 Banks Of The Ohio
B3 John Hardy
B4 The Pig and the Inebriate
B5 Stackerlee
B6 Lamkins
B7 Yo Ho Ho (The Derelict)
B8 Lulu
B9 The Drunkard's Doom

TRADITION 1003 A BALLAD SINGER'S CHOICE                      LP 1956 [NYTimes February 17, 1957]
[TWO jacket variations: b&w McCurdy next to tree; Color, McCurdy with guitar]
ASTOR(Australia) GGS-844                                     LP ????
EMPIRE 508232 Traditional Years: A Ballad Singer's Choice   CD 2006
ESSENTIAL MEDIA A BALLAD SINGER'S CHOICE                      digital 2007

Ed McCurdy, Vocals
Eric Darling, Guitar and Banjo

Edited by Kenneth S. Goldstein and Patrick Clancy
Jacket design by Elizabeth Clancy
Photos by Lawrence Photo
liner notes by Ed McCurdy, September 1956.

A1 The Lovely Ohio
A2 Back Bay Hill
A3 Colorado Trail
A4 To the West
A5 The Bird's Courtship
A6 Dear Evelina
A7 A Great Big Sea Hove in Long Beach
A8 Peter Gray
A9 Green Grow the Lilacs
A10 Swapping Song

B1 Barbara Allan
B2 Lukey's Boat
B3 Little Turtle Dove
B4 Dreary Black Hills
B5 Come to the Bower
B6 I Ride an Old Paint
B7 Pretty Saro
B8 Star of Logy Bay
B9 Hush Little Baby

VI MUSIC 450702 The Folk Song Tradition                      CD 2005
ESSENTIAL MEDIA The Folk Song Tradition                digital 2007
   [VI MUSIC, and ESSENTIAL MEDIA are full re-issues of
    Tradition TSP1 Tradition Folk Sampler, AND Tradition TSP2 The Folk Song Tradition.]
    A1 1. The Bird's Courtship - Ed McCurdy & Erik Darling

TRADITION/EVEREST 2051/S-2051 THE BEST OF ED McCURDY   LP 1967 [Billboard May 27, 1967 New Releases]
ASTOR(NZ) GGS-853             THE BEST OF ED McCURDY   LP 1967
   [biographical note: Lee Palmer; song notes: Ed McCurdy ]
   [note: all titles from Tradition 1003 or 1027]
    A1 Dear Evelina                  2:00 [1003 A06]
    A2 Peter Gray                   2:25 [1003 A08]
    A3 Green Grow The Lilacs         2:40 [1003 A09]
    A4 The Dreary Black Hills       2:05 [1003 B04]
    A5 Come To The Bower             1:30 [1003 B05]
    A6 Hush Little Baby             1:20 [1003 B09]

EMPIRE UPC: 65454 50844 23                         CD 2006
Folk & Blues: The Roots of Americana
    10. Colorado Trail - Ed McCurdy

A: ELEKTRA EKL 110                   WHEN DALLIANCE WAS IN FLOWER             LP 1956 [2 covers]
    [1st cover, line drawings by Bill Harvey; with booklet; copyright 1956
    The Elektra Corp., 361 Bleeker St.]
   XTRA(UK, Transatlantic) 1048      A BOX OF DALLIANCE                      2-LP 1966
   LEGACY (Elektra/Everest) LEG 111 BAWDY BALLADS OF SHAKESPEARE's TIME       LP 1971
B: ELEKTRA EKL-213                   THE BEST OF DALLIANCE                   2-LP 1963 [NY Times 28APR1963]
    [Naughty & Bawdy Songs of Olde England
    disc says (p)1996, produced and manufactured for Music Sound Exchange;
    tray card (c)(p)2001 Warner Special Products; ECHO Records.]
D: RHINO HANDMADE RHM2 7835 THE BEST OF DALLIANCE    (Ltd.Ed. 2500 copies) CD 2003 booklet notes, texts
E: JASMINE JASCD 702 WHEN DALLIANCE WAS IN FLOWER                         2-CD 2012 May 11.

SMITHSONIAN R-046 FOLK SONG AMERICA-A 20th Century Revival, Vol.2         LP, CD 1991 UPC: 033251040228

ELEKTRA FM 102 FOLLOW THE MUSIC                                           CD 2000
    'A commemorative sampler of Elektra's Pre-rock Era'
    [only with paperback edition of book "Follow the Music", Jawbone Press]

sung by Ed McCurdy,
banjo Erik Darling
recorder Alan Arkin

liner notes: Nina Merrick
[The DALLIANCE series, were based on 'Songs of Wit and Mirth or Pills to Purge Melancholy' edited by Thomas D'Urfey and printed in London in 1719 ... set to music by Ed McCurdy. ]

A: B: C:   D:   E:
--- --- --- --- -----
A1 A1   8.   1. 1.01. Go Bring Me A Lass                Elektra FM 102 (7)
A2 A3 19.   3. 1.02. The Trooper
A3 B2   7. 16. 1.03. A Young Man and A Maid
A4 --   6. 18. 1.04. A Wanton Trick                     Smithsonian 10402-2 (6)
A5 -- 22. --- 1.05. There Was A Knight
A6 -- --- --- 1.06. Two Maidens Went Milking One Day
A7 A2   2.   2. 1.07. A Lusty Young Smith
A8 -- --- --- 1.08. Tom and Doll

B1 A8   4. 11. 1.09. A Riddle
B2 -- 15. --- 1.10. A Maiden Did A-Bathing Go
B3 B3 14. 17. 1.11. The Jolly Tinker
B4 -- --- --- 1.12. Old Fumbler
B5 -- --- --- 1.13. The Three Travelers
B6 -- --- --- 1.14. Kitt Hath Lost Her Key
B7 -- --- --- 1.15. To A Lady   
B8 A6 12.   7. 1.16. The Four Able Physicians
B9 B1 --- 13. 1.17. Sylvia The Fair
-- A4                   UPTAILS ALL
-- A5                   THE SHEPHERD
-- A7                   THE HIVE OF BEES
-- B4                   A TRADESMAN
-- B5                   Tottingham?? Frolic   
-- B6                   SHE LAY ALL NAKED
-- B7                   the vine????
-- B8                   THE COUNTRY WAKE

ELEKTRA EKL 112 SONGS OF THE OLD WEST                              LP 1956
Ed McCurdy

ELEKTRA SMP-3 FOLK POPS 'n' JAZZ SAMPLER                         LP 19xx

Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley

Side 1
•Sacramento                                                Elektra SMP-3(xx)
•Hoosen Johnny
•Trail To Mexico
•Sally, Let Your Bangs Hang Down (Hoedown)
•Buffalo Skinners

Side 2
•State Of Arkansas
•Jesse James
•The Cowboy's Dream
•Little Old Sod Shanty
•Brown-Eyed Lee
•Chuck a Little Hell (Hoedown)
•The Dying Cowboy

July 15 1956 NY TIMES   McCurdy on Ed Sullivan Show

KAPP K-128                                                 10"-78rpm 1956
KAPP K-128-X                                                7"-45rpm 1956
ED McCURDY and The Harvesters

F9OB/F9OW-9392-1 GET ALONG HOME CINDY (Tonight Is Christmas Eve)(Ervin Drake, Johnny Shirl) 2:02 Garland-ASCAP
F9OB/F9OW-9391-4 THE MIRACLE OF THE WHEAT(Ervin Drake, Johnny Shirl)   2:40 Garland-ASCAP

KAPP K-149                                                 10"-78rpm
KAPP K-149-X                                                7"-45rpm Billboard Jun 9, 1956 advert.

C.V.Whitney Prod. Warner Bros. Release 2:20
JOE SHERMAN and his orchestra and Chorus
Featuring Ed McCurdy

JOE SHERMAN Sherman and his Orchestra and Chorus]

are any of these from above session? any with McCurdy ????????

385                               45rpm 1961
Joe Sherman Orchestra
K 5656 La Pachanga         orch and chorus
K 5657 Take Care          orch

423                               45rpm 1961
Joe Sherman
Sailor's Lullabye
Take Care


TV: Nov 17, 1956 - Cliff McKay's guest is balladeer Ed McCurdy.
    Holiday Ranch (Series) (1953-1958)   Cliff McKay....Host

KAPP K-168 X                                                7"-45rpm 1957
ED McCURDY and The Boomers with Jim Cribarri

G09W-436-2 ROGER BOOM(Bob Hilliard)                               2:40
G09W-437-1 RED HAIR AND GREEN EYES(Bob and Jacqueline Hilliard)   2:20   [Christmas]

TV: May 9, 1957 Jackie Rae Show, The (Series) (1955-1957)
Jackie Rae starred in a musical variety show, which also featured the Grads, a vocal quartet, Jack Kane and his orchestra, and comic and writer Frank Peppiatt. The program's flexible format allowed it to be produced both in the CBC's Toronto studios or, occasionally, in a different location. Guests included Canadian performers, including the cast of "Salad Days," a production at the University of Toronto's Hart House, but often the show strove to attract audiences with high-powered, name guests from the United States.

Jackie Rae, his producer Norman Sedawie and Frank Peppiatt, one of the show's writers, recently spent a weekend in Mexico, and their impressions will be reflected in Mr. Rae's show tonight. The guests will he singers Ed McCurdy and Joan Fairfax.

TV: 1957-59 CBC-TV, Toronto "Ed and Ross" (Series) (Jul 4, 1957-1959)
Aka: The Ed and Ross Show

In this half-hour, weekly broadcast for children ages 8 to 14, Ed McCurdy and Ross Snetsinger lived in a magical house. Snetsinger's hand puppet pal, Foster, led them through the building's sliding panels into secret passages. They all enjoyed themselves by making up secret societies, by inventing and building gadgets, with music led by singer and guitarist McCurdy, and with games. They also invited friends, such as jugglers and acrobats, to come down to their place from upstairs and perform.

SEE Elektra EKL 16 Badmen and Heroes    LP 1955

A: ELEKTRA 140       WHEN DALLIANCE WAS IN FLOWER Volume II                LP 1957
    [2 covers, blue or black background]
C: RHINO HANDMADE RHM2 7835 THE BEST OF DALLIANCE    (Ltd.Ed. 2500 copies) CD 2003 booklet notes, texts
D: JASMINE JASCD 702 WHEN DALLIANCE WAS IN FLOWER                         2-CD 2012 May 11.

Ed McCurdy, voice ; Robert Abramson, harpsichord ; LaNoue Davenport, recorders ; William Faier, guitar and banjo ; Erik Darling, solo banjo.

Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley

A: B: C: D:
A1 25. 5. 1.18 Uptails All
A2 24. 23. 1.19 Tottingham Frolic
A3 ... ... 1.20 A Young Man
A4 5. 21. 1.21 A Tradesman
A5 ... ... 1.22 A Tenement to Let
A6 17. 14. 1.23 The Playhouse Saint
A7 ... ... 1.24 The Merchant and the Fidler's Wife ["Young Stephen and Phillis"]
A8 ... ... 1.25 A Virgin's Meditation

B1 ... ... 1.26 Would You Have A Young Virgin?
B2 ... 19. 1.27 The Jolly Miller
B3 ... ... 1.28 Of Chloe And Celia
B4 1. 10. 1.29 A Lady So Frolic And Gay
B5 16. ... 1.30 My Thing Is My Own
B6 ... ... 1.31 The Jolly Pedlar's Pretty Thing
B7 ... ... 1.32 Phillis
B8 ... ... 1.33 To Bed To Me

TV: 1958-1959 CBC TV SERIES    Whistle Town   
Tue/Thu 5:00-5:30 p.m., 30 Sep 1958-25 Jun 1959
A half-hour show for kids, Whistle Town divided its attentions between a toy shop and a fire hall in a very small town. Nine year old Rex Hagon played Danny, and Foster was his puppet friend (created by John and Linda Keogh). They visited Mr. Bean, who owned the toy shop, on Tuesdays, and the fire hall on Thursdays. Larry Beattie played Mr. Bean, and Jack Mather was his assistant, with Claude Rae as the town postman. Hugh Webster was Mr. Haggarty, Ross Snetsinger was Ross, and Jean Cavall was Mayor Jacques, who presided with his impressive handlebar moustache and his three-corner hat. The show included little dramas, as well as cartoons, newsreels, and musical numbers by Cavall and Ed McCurdy.

The series was written by Cliff Braggins and John Gerrard, and produced by John Kennedy.

   XTRA(UK, Transatlantic) 1048 A BOX OF DALLIANCE                         2-LP 1966
C: RHINO HANDMADE RHM2 7835    THE BEST OF DALLIANCE (Ltd.Ed. 2500 copies) CD 2003 booklet notes, texts
D: JASMINE JASCD 702            WHEN DALLIANCE WAS IN FLOWER               2-CD 2012 May 11.

Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: David B Jones and Jac Holzman

A: B:   C: D:
A1 21.   9. 2.01 The Yeomen Of Kent
A2 18.   6. 2.02 The Shepherd
A3 ... ... 2.03 Old Brass To Mend
A4 ... ... 2.04 Celia
A5 ... ... 2.05 As I Walked In The Woods
A6 ... ... 2.06 The Merry Wedding
A7 ... ... 2.07 Whilst Alexis Lay Prest
A8 ... ... 2.08 How Happy's The Miller

B1 13.   8. 2.09 The Hive Of Bees
B2 ... ... 2.10 The Sound Country Lass
B3 ... ... 2.11 She Rose To Let Me In
B4 ... 26. 2.12 The Country Wake
B5 ... ... 2.13 Pillycock
B6 ...   4. 2.14 When Flora Had On Her New Gown
B7 ... ... 2.15 The Spinning Wheel
B8 11. 28. 2.16 The End

A: ELEKTRA   EKL-170         SON OF DALLLIANCE                            LP 1959
C: RHINO HANDMADE RHM2 7835 THE BEST OF DALLIANCE   Ltd.Ed. 2500 copies) CD 2003 booklet notes, texts
D: JASMINE JASCD 702         WHEN DALLIANCE WAS IN FLOWER                2-CD 2012 May 11.

Sung by Ed McCurdy
Eric Darling, banjo except Billy Faier, steel guitar-*

A: B: C:   D:
A1 3. 22. 2.17 A Petition
A2 ... 24. 2.18 Character Of A Mistress
A3 ... ... 2.19 Rapture
A4 ... ... 2.20 The Miller's Daughter
A5 ... ... 2.21 I Dreamed My Love
A6 ... ... 2.22 The Presbyterian Wedding-*
A7 ... ... 2.23 A Lamentable Case

B1 ... ... 2.24 The Way To Win Her
B2 10. 20. 2.25 She Lay All Naked
B3 9. 27. 2.26 A Pleasant Ballad
B4 ... ... 2.27 A Maiden's Delight
B5 20. 25. 2.28 The Vine
B6 23. 12. 2.29 Three Birds
B7 ... ... 2.30 The Fornicator-*

RIVERSIDE RLP 12-807 BARROOM BALLADS                LP 1957   [Billboard Apr 20, 1957]
[Specialty Series]

RIVERSIDE WONDERLAND RLP 1419 - Everybody Sing    LP 1960
    Volume 2 For Juniors – Oscar Brand, Bob Gibson, Ed McCurdy

sung and declaimed by Ed McCURDY
Produced by Bill Grauer

A1 My Darling Clementine
A2 A Persian Kitty
A3 The Baggage Coach Ahead
A4 The Face on the Barroom Floor
A5 The Orphan Girl
A6 Liquor and Longevity
A7 Casey Jones                               Riverside RLP 1419(A4a) Riverside S-4(A5)

B1 Abdul the Bul-Bul Amir
B2 Handsome Harry
B3 The Letter Eged in Black
B4 When a Fellow Begins to get Bald
B5 The Lily of the West
B6 A Poor Unfortunate
B7 A Fireman's Life

NY, April 1957
Riverside RLP 12-810                                        LP 1957    [The Legend of Robin Hood ]
Liner notes by Kenneth S. Goldstein
Riverside Wonderland RLP 1458                               LP 1961    [The Legends of Robin Hood ]
[Riverside Wonderland, blue r-t-r label; Wonderland, red/black label ]
Wonderland (A.A. Records) LP 290                            LP 1973    [Robin Hood]
Wonderland Golden Records(Canada) LP 290                   LP         [Robin Hood]
Drive (Image/Liberty International Publishing) PUR 1385    CD 2002    [The Legends of Robin Hood ]

Narrated by Michael Kane#; Sung by Ed McCurdy*
guitar accompaniment by Frank Hamilton
Edited by Kenneth S. Goldstein

A1   1. Robin Hood’s Birth                      0:29 #
A2   2. Robin Hood and the Fifteen Foresters    4:00 *
A3   3. Robin Hood and Little John               6:36 *#
A4   4. Robin Hood Rescues Will Stuttley         4:33 #
A5   5. Robin Hood and Maid Marion               5:43 *
A6   6. Robin Hood and the Butcher               5:03
B1   7. Robin Hood’s Golden Prize                5:45
B2   8. Robin Hood and the Prince of Aragon      7:18
B3   9. Robin Hood and the Pedlar                4:01
B4 10. Robin Hood and the Golden arrow          5:03
B5 11. Robin Hood’s Death                      3:31

Folk Songs With Ed McCurdy (Series) (1961)
"Ed McCurdy had been singing folk music on CBC television since the first weeks it went on the air. This fifteen minute summer program, from Halifax, offered a typically informal mixture of song and talk about the music's origins and meanings."

TRADITION          TLP 1027 CHILDREN'S SONGS                     LP 1958
TRADITION (Everest) TLP 1027 CHILDREN'S SONGS                     LP
LEGACY International CD 390 CHILDREN'S SONGS the Greatest Hits   CD 1994
[LEGACY cover photo from "So Early In The Morning"]
ESSENTIAL MEDIA               CHILDREN'S SONGS                digital 2007
ESSENTIAL MEDIA UPC: 8 94231 1966 21 CHILDREN'S SONGS             CDr 2011

Ed McCurdy: vocal, guitar
Billy Faier: guitar, banjo accompaniment

Notes by Ed McCurdy
Recorded by Cue Recordings
Edited by Patrick Clancy
Jacket design by Elizabeth Clancy
Cover photo by Tom Clancy
Artist's photos by Lawrence Photo © 1958

-- --
A1 01. Billy Boy                         1:53
A2 02. My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean      2:30
A3 03. S-M-I-L-E                         1:02
A4 04. Tree In The Hole                   3:21
A5 05. I Had A Little Rooster             1:53
A6 06. One Man Went To Mow                1:28
A7 07. "Sing," Said The Mother            1:02
A8 08. The Old Woman And The Pig          1:23
A9 09. A Hole In The Bucket               1:39
A10 10. Froggy Went A'Courting             2:41
A11 11. O Suzanna                         1:15
B1 12. Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor       2:16
B2 13. The Little Black Bull             1:40
B3 14. Three Fishermen                   1:47
B4 15. O, Dear, What Can The Matter Be    1:23
B5 16. I Wish I Was                      1:42
B6 17. I Had A Horse                      1:18
B7 18. Mr. Rabbit                         1:19
B8 19. Keemo Kimo [Sing Song Kitty]       1:43
B9 20. The Noble Duke Of York             0:38
B10 21. Good Bye, My Lover, Goodbye       1:22
B11 22. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star      1:27


VI MUSIC 450702 The Folk Song Tradition                CD 2005
ESSENTIAL MEDIA The Folk Song Tradition                digital 2007
   [VI MUSIC, and ESSENTIAL MEDIA are full re-issues of
    Tradition TSP1 Tradition Folk Sampler, AND Tradition TSP2 The Folk Song Tradition.]
B4 24. Billy Boy - Ed McCurdy

TRADITION/EVEREST 2051/S-2051 THE BEST OF ED McCURDY   LP 1967 [Billboard May 27, 1967 New Releases]
ASTOR(NZ) GGS-853                                       LP 1967
[biographical note: Lee Palmer; song notes: Ed McCurdy ]
   [note: all titles from Tradition 1003 or 1027]
B1 Billy Boy                     1:50 [1027 A_1]
B2 My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean 2:30 [1027 A_2]
B3 "Sing," Said The Mother       1:00 [1027 A_7]
B4 The Little Black Bull         1:35 [1027 B_2]
B5 Three Fishermen               1:40 [1027 B_3]
B6 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 1:20 [1027 B11]

Sine Qua Non(Fall River, MA) SQN 102 AN ANTHOLOGY OF FOLK MUSIC          5-LP 1973
1B4 Billy Boy

Music: Alice in Audioland
Friday, Dec. 01, 1961

Children's Songs (Ed McCurdy; Tradition). Singer McCurdy pays his listeners the highest compliment that a grownup can pay a child: he enters their world on even terms. In a manner as comfortable as a man lounging over the back fence, he chats about Billy Boy, The Old Woman and the Pig, Froggy Went A'Courting.

Read more:,9171,938828,00.html#ixzz24nqjeOa2

The date and source of the following session is unknown.
Possibly an unreleased TRADITION (NY) recording.
the first release 1968 (Tradition Everest TR 2061)
it is listed in late fifties chronology, until accurate recording dates can be determined.

A: TRADITION(Everest) TR 2061      SONG OF THE WEST                  LP 1968
    [Billboard Mar 23, 1968 New Releases]
    liner notes by Lee Palmer
   ASTOR (Australia) GGS 908       SONG OF THE WEST                  LP xxxx      
    [A Tradition USA Recording; Tradition/Everest]
B: TRADITION(Rykodisc) TCD 1025    COWBOY SONGS                      CD 1996
    liner notes by John King, reissue produced by David Greenberg
C: LEGACY International(Pismo Beach, CA) CD 392                      CD xxxx
                                  COWBOY SONGS OF THE OLD WEST
E: ESSENTIAL MEDIA/AMAZON 8 94231 27822 8                           CDr 2011
                                  COWBOY SONGS OF THE OLD WEST

Ed McCurdy, vocal.
Erik Darling, banjo, guitar, backing vocal.
unknown harmonica.

A: B: C: D: E:
-- -- -- -- --
A1 01 13 10 13 When the work's all done this fall
A2 02 14 11 14 The cowboy
A3 03 15 12 15 Jack o'diamonds
A4 04 16 13 16 Utah Carroll [some as "Utah"]
A5 05 17 14 17 Punchin' the dough
A6 06 18 15 18 Red River Valley
A7 07 .. .. .. My gal on the Rio Grande
B1 08 19 16 19 Along side of the Santa Fe Trail
B2 09 .. .. .. The days of '49
B3 10 20 17 20 Strawberry roan
B4 11 .. .. .. Poor lonesome cowboy
B5 12 .. .. .. When the curtains of night
B6 13 .. .. .. The Texas Song ["Old Texas" on LP]

Laserlight/Stanyan 12 954 A COWBOY CHRISTMAS            CD 1997
    11. Red river valley (Ed McCurdy)

TRADITION(Everest) TR 2061      SONG OF THE WEST                  LP 1968
[Billboard Mar 23, 1968 New Releases]
liner notes by Lee Palmer
ASTOR (Australia) GGS 908       SONG OF THE WEST                  LP xxxx      
[A Tradition USA Recording; Tradition/Everest]

TRADITION(Rykodisc) TCD 1025    COWBOY SONGS                      CD 1996
liner notes by John King, reissue produced by David Greenberg
LEGACY International(Pismo Beach, CA) CD 392                      CD xxxx
                               COWBOY SONGS OF THE OLD WEST
MUSIC DIGITAL(UK,Delta) CD 6338 COWBOY SONGS OF THE OLD WEST      CD 2002 licensed from Legacy-Bescol
ESSENTIAL MEDIA/AMAZON 8 94231 27822 8                           CDr 2011
                                  COWBOY SONGS OF THE OLD WEST

TRADITION(Rykodisc) VTCD 1003 A TASTE OF TRADITION Volume 3    CD 1996

Ed McCurdy, vocal.
Erik Darling, banjo, guitar, backing vocal.
unknown harmonica.

A1 When the work's all done this fall    TCD 1025(1)   CD 392(13) CD 6338(10) 2782(13)
A2 The cowboy                            TCD 1025(2)   CD 392(14) CD 6338(11) 2782(14)
A3 Jack o'diamonds                        TCD 1025(3)   CD 392(15) CD 6338(12) 2782(15)
A4 Utah Carroll [some as "Utah"] 3:37   TCD 1025(4)   CD 392(16) CD 6338(13) 2782(16) VTCD 1003(12)
A5 Punchin' the dough             2:12   TCD 1025(5)   CD 392(17) CD 6338(14) 2782(17) VTCD 1003(13)
A6 Red River Valley                      TCD 1025(6)   CD 392(18) CD 6338(15) 2782(18)
A7 My gal on the Rio Grande               TCD 1025(7)
B1 Along side of the Santa Fe Trail       TCD 1025(8)   CD 392(19) CD 6338(16) 2782(19)
B2 The days of '49                        TCD 1025(9)
B3 Strawberry roan                        TCD 1025(10) CD 392(20) CD 6338(17) 2782(20)
B4 Poor lonesome cowboy                   TCD 1025(11)
B5 When the curtains of night             TCD 1025(12)
B6 The Texas Song ["Old Texas" on LP]    TCD 1025(13)
NOTE: TRADITION RECORDS purchased by EVEREST MUSIC GROUP, Billboard Nov 12, 1966.

New York, July 2, 1958
RIVERSIDE RLP 12-828             1958   [Billboard - Oct 27, 1958]

Ed McCurdy accompanying himself on guitar
Erik Darling, banjo (A2,3,5,7, B1-5), guitar.

Produced and Notes written by Orrin Keepnews
(Historical data on songs compiled by Kenneth S. Goldstein)

RLP 1418 - Everybody Sing Volume 1 For Cubs – Various Artists [1960]
   B2 The big rock candy mountain ; My darling Clementine / Ed McCurdy

RLP 1419 - Everybody Sing Volume 2 For Juniors – Oscar Brand, Bob Gibson, Ed McCurdy
   xx Casey Jones ; John Henry / Ed McCurdy
   xx The little Mohee ; High Barbary / Ed McCurdy

A1 Worried Man Blues
A2 The Big Rock Candy Mountain             Riverside Wonderland RLP 1419(B2a)
A3 Unfortunate Miss Bailey
A4 Jesse James
A5 The Little Mohee                        Riverside Wonderland RLP 1419(B1a)
A6 A True Love of Mine
A7 The Bold Soldier
A8 Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
B1 I've Got No Use for the Women
B2 Blood on the Saddle
B3 The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
B4 The Prisoner's Song
B5 Goin Down TOwn
B6 Come, O My Love

FOLKWAYS FC 7771 CHILDREN's SONGS and STORIES                           LP 01 JAN 1959 texts (8pp)
SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS                                                    digital   2004

Ed McCurdy

1. People and Horses                            3:02
2. If I Were a Duck                            0:57
3. The Little Snail                            1:03
4. The Clock That Told the Wrong Time          5:23 [The Kitchen Clock]
5. Once There was a Woodpecker                  2:05
6. The Scarecrow                               7:28
7. Once There was a Little Girl                0:42
8. Freddie was a Fine Young Man                0:56
9. The Teakettle Who Wanted to Sing like People 4:44
10. The Very Green Fields of Ireland             1:31
11. I Had a Little Dog                           1:30
12. The Young Violet                            4:39
13. Crocodile Song                               3:03
14. The Echo That Got Lost                      3:05

TV: 1960-1962 CBC Television series: Reflections
Sat 6:00-6:30 p.m., 2 Apr-24 Sep 1960 Mon 3:00-3:30 p.m., 17 Oct 1960-26 Jun 1961 Sun 5:30-6:00 p.m., 7 Jan-30 Sep 1962
A fifteen minute program of music for strings produced in Halifax, and broadcast on stations in Atlantic Canada, Souvenirs expanded to a half-hour, changed its name to Reflections, and graduated to the national network a year after it began. The hosts were Syd Davidson in 1960 and Pat Napier, starting in 196l, and the centre of the show was the orchestra, with arrangements and conducted by Gordon MacPherson of the Maritime Conservatory of Music. Dave Woods, Lucio Agostini, and Eddie Graf also contributed arrangements.

The program stressed light classics and standards--in fact producer Robert Alban announced that the move to the Sunday afternoon time slot in 1962 provoked the change to an even lighter, more relaxed format. Regularly featured performers included Francis Chaplin on violin, Phyllis Ensher on harp, Carol Hughes on piano, and soprano Jean Marshall, and folk singer Ed McCurdy was a frequent guest. For the 1962 series, baritone Clarence Flieger joined the cast, and Peter Donkin became producer.

TV: Whistletown (Series) (1958-1959)
A half-hour CBC show for kids, Whistle Town divided its attentions between a toy shop and a fire hall in a very small town. Danny and Foster his puppet friend visited Mr. Bean, who owned the toy shop, on Tuesdays, and the fire hall on Thursdays. The show included little dramas, as well as cartoons, newsreels, and musical numbers by Jean Cavall and Ed McCurdy.

TV: CBC-Vancouver Follow Me (Series) (1958-1960)
Produced on film in Vancouver, this fifteen minute program gave tours of places of interest in British Columbia. The films, made for children, included a child as a guide to places such as the Vancouver International Airport, the telephone company, or the post office. In one program, singer Ed McCurdy and his two sons visited a tugboat dock.

TV: 3/27/60 The Long Line - a special feature on World Refugee Year, with Irish actress Siobhan McKenna and      Canadian folk-singer Ed McCurdy
    CBC Dateline U.N. (Series) (1958-1965)

1960 PRIVATE RECORDING: 2nd Fret (Philadelphia)
Original tape in possession of Jim McCurdy

FOLKWAYS FH 5801 AMERICAN HISTORY IN BALLAD AND SONG VOLUME 1             3xLP 1960 booklet NY Times 14MAY1961
SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS FW05801                                                CD-r


A05 1.05 The Liberty Song Ed McCurdy       2:59   
A06 1.06 The Dying Sergent Ed McCurdy      2:50
A08 1.08 Cornwallis Burgoyned Ed McCurdy   2:23
B06 1.16 Jefferson and Liberty Ed McCurdy 1:54   
B07 1.17 Andrew Jackson Ed McCurdy         2:19   
B10 1.20 The Harrison Song Ed McCurdy      2:35

July 11-12 1959 Newport Folk Festival
VANGUARD VRS 9064/VSD 2055       FOLK FESTIVAL at NEWPORT Volume 3          LP 1960
TOP RANK(UK) 35/072                                                          LP
FONTANA (UK) TFL 6009                                                       LP
NOT NOW (UK) NOT3CD 058          THE NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL 1959            3-CD 2011 UPC: 5060143 490583

BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB/Classics Record Library RL-7624                   4-LP 1962 , 24pp booklet, box
    FOLK SONG AND MINSTRELSY         "A Vanguard Recording"

RADIO SHACK/Vanguard #50-2031   Presents "40 Great Folk Songs"          4-LP 1974 box

B5 3.13 The Bold Fisherman                            BOMC RL 7624 (G1)
B6 3.14 When Cockle Shells Turn Silver Bells          BOMC RL 7624 (G2)
B7 3.16 Frankie and Johnny                            RADIO SHACK 50-2031 (1B3) BOMC RL 7624 (G3)
B8 3.15 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

FOLKWAYS FR 10003 FRONTIERS                                                 LP 1966 8pp booklet
[created for SCHOLASTIC Book Services, for educational use. Selected from Folkways catalog.]

A1a Shoot the Buffalo [we have not found this in previously issued McCurdy records, so this
                         may be previously unissued out-take, or different title.]

1959 Aug 7, 8 Ed McCurdy

RCA Victor Bluebird LBY-1032(M) STORIES AND SONGS OF THE CIVIL WAR   LP 1960 [NY Times March 20, 1960]
RCA Camden          CAL 1032                                          LP 1960 ???
RCA EDUCATIONAL RECORDS DEM1-0119                                     LP 1975
SALAND Publishing                                                    mp3 2010 download available in UK

RALPH BELLAMY(A1,3,5,7,B1,3,5,7) AND
ED McCURDY(A2,4,6,8,B2,4,6,8) accompanied by Al Caiola,

nominated for 1961 Grammy: Best Album Created For Children

A [K1CP-4477]
A1 Abraham Lincoln
A2 El A Noy
A3 The Monitor
A4 The Battle Cry of Freedom
A5 David Glasgow Farragut
A6 Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
A7 Ulysses S Grant
A8 When Johnny Comes Marching Home

B [K1CP-4478]
B1 Jefferson Davis
B2 Goober Peas
B3 Stonewall Jackson and Jeb Stuart
B4 The Yellow Rose of Texas
B5 John Singleton Mosby
B6 Maryland My Maryland
B7 Robert E Lee
B8 Dixie's Land

SIGHT AND SOUND SS-1002 (mono)                               LP 196x
Mickey Sherman Presents: 1960 Folk Festival at the Exodus [Boulder, CO].
Ed McCurdy
A1 High Barbary
A2 The Butcher Boy
[remaining tracks by Judy Collins; Don Crawford, Osi Sladek]

1961    CBC, Halifax "Folksongs with Ed McCurdy"

Rec. 6/23/1961
RCA VICTOR Children's BLUEBIRD Records LY 104      LP 1961 [NY Times August 13, 1961 A Child's Sandburg]
Songs and Poems for your child to grow on
Produced by TOM GLAZER

Side 1 M1CP-2641
Tony Mottola Orchestra
7 tracks
From Morning 'til night
Good Morning
Look, Look!
Color Song
Rubbing Noses Time
There's Nothing to be Upset About
Nighty Night

Side 2 M1CP-2642
Told by Kim Hunter; Sung by Inga Swenson
Tony Mottola Orchestra
11 tracks
Let's Make A Big Sound
Often in My Bath I Wish
Baby Buds
Red Boots
Green Peas
I Know the Rain
When I Grow So Big
Look at Me! Look at Me!
Round and Round
When I Go To Sleep at Night

June 24-26 1960 Newport Folk Festival , Newport RI
VANGUARD VRS 9084 / VSD 2088 The NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL, 1960 Volume 2         LP 1961
VANGUARD VRS 9083/9084                                                       2-LP 1961 box
FONTANA TFL 6057                                                             LP 1961
NOT NOW (UK) NOT3CD 076       NEWPORT 1960                                  3-CD 2011 upc: 5060143 490767

Ed McCurdy, accompanying himself on guitar
A7 2.7 Hush, Little Baby
A8 2.8 The Lavender Cowboy
A9 2.9 Blood On The Saddle

                                                                         [NY Times August 13, 1961]
JUDSON                J 3436                                             LP 19xx
GOLDEN WONDERLAND    GW 223 An Introduction To Folk Music & Folk Lore LP 19xx

Narrated by Ed McCurdy
featuring Oscar Brand, Jean Ritchie, Bob Gibson

What is a folk song?
Change from England to America: The fish of the sea (Peggy Seeger, Ewan MacColl) --
More changes: There were three crows (McCurdy) --
Songs while working: Dance, boatman, dance (Bob Gibson) --
Early settlers' songs: The little mohee (McCurdy) --
Religious songs: Guide me, O thou great Jehovah (Jean Ritchie) --
Game songs: Two dukes a-rovin' (Ritchie) --
Courting songs: I will give my love an apple (Oscar Brand) --
Humor, nonsense and tall tales:
   Goin' downtown (McCurdy) ;
   The squirrel (Gibson) ;
   I was born about 1,000 years ago (McCurdy) ;
   Grandma grunts (McCurdy) --
Songs of and by the cowboy:
   The gal I left behind me (Merrick Jarrett) ;
   All day on the prairie (Jarrett) ;
   I'm gonna leave ol' Texas (Gibson) --
Songs about folk heroes: John Henry (McCurdy) --
Negro folk song: Poor pilgrim (Leon Bibb) ; His Name so sweet (Robert McFerrin) --

TV: 1961 CBC, Halifax "Folksongs with Ed McCurdy"
Folk Songs With Ed McCurdy (Series) (1961)
Ed McCurdy had been singing folk music on CBC television since the first weeks it went on the air. This fifteen minute summer program, from Halifax, offered a typically informal mixture of song and talk about the music's origins and meanings.

                               sounds from the scene in 1961
1.17 Barbara Allen / Ed McCurdy (3:28)                **********SOURCE UNKNOWN**************

May and June 1961, Judson Memorial Church NYC
ELEKTRA EKL-205 A TREASURE CHEST of AMERICAN FOLK SONG                2-LP 1961 GF "Bonus-Pak"
liner notes: Lee Haring
FOLKLINE (UK) 274-918 [upc 027491883571]                                  CD-r 20uu

ELEKTRA SMP6                      FOLK SCENE                           LP 1962
GOLDEN GUINEA(PYE, UK) GGL 0265                                        LP 1963

Elektra-Folkways EKL-BOX 9001                                       4-LP 1964 book, box
    Illustrated 48-page book. Detailed notes, texts, bibliography & discography.
    Compiled and annotated by Robert Shelton, produced by Jac Holzman.

Ed McCurdy accompanied by Erik Darling
created by Jac Holzman
edited by Lee Haring

New England
A1 1. Who is the Man
A2 2. The Two Sisters
A3 3. Yorkshire Bite
A4 4. Frog's Courtship
A5 5. Gypsy Laddie                   Elektra SMP6 (A3)    Elektra BOX (A6)      
A6 6. Andrew Bardine
A7 7. Lord Randal

The South
B1 8. The Paw Paw Patch
B2 9. In Old Virginny
B3 10. Boll Weevil
B4 11. Hunters of Kentucky
B5 12. Derby Ram
B6 13. The Squirrel
B7 14. Black is the Color
B8 15. Rock About My Saro Jane
B8 16. Down in the Valley

O Pioneers!
C1 17. Across the Western Ocean
C2 18. Paddy Works on the Railway
C3 19. My Pretty Little Pink
C4 20. Lane County Bachelor
C5 21. Careless Love
C6 22. Bury Me Beneath the Willow
C7 23. Gently Fair Jenny
C8 24. Simple Gifts                   Elektra BOX (D7)                  
C9 25. Wondrous Love

A Song for Occupations
D1 26. John Brown's Body             Elektra BOX (G1)
D2 27. There Was an Old Soldier
D3 28. Jesse James
D4 29. The Cowboy's Dream
D5 30. Roving Gambler
D6 31. James Whaland
D7 32. Clinch Mountain
D8 33. Willy the Weeper
D9 34. Hard Travelin'

PRESTIGE(J, P-Vine, Blues Interactions) PCD5220                      CD 1998
Ed McCurdy : Vocals & Guitar
Dick Weissman : Guitar & banjo
A1 10. The Miller   
A2 11. Jolly Roger   
A3 12. Chilly Winds   
A4 13. The Fireman's Not For Me   
A5 14. Thy Maidenhead
A6 15. The Fox                      PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL INT 13073 (XX)
A7 16. Blues Ain't Nothing   
A8 17. A Doleful Tale   
A9 18. Cindy   
A10 19 Once I Loved A Maiden Fair   
B1   1. Mrs. NcGrath   
B2   2. The Wee Cooper Of Fife   
B3   3. Every Night When The Sun Goes In   
B4   4. John Henry   
B5   5. The Ploughman   
B6   6. Old Joe Clark   
B7   7. Lonesome Valley   
B8   8. Good Morrow, Gossip Joan   
B9   9. A Bunch of May

PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL PR-INT 13044                   LP 1961 [Billboard Nov 20, 1961, new releases
LYRICA EROTICA Volume 1                                        Billboard Jan 6, 1962, reviews      ]
Ed McCurdy, vocals and guitar                                  [Little Sandy Review No.28, 1964?    ]
Sandy BUll, banjo
Peter Gardner, guitar
Isabel Gardner, Flute

Produced by Kenneth S. Goldstein
Notes by John Greenway

A1 Walking In A Meadow Green                        
A2 Chloe Blushed                        
A3 Young Strephon And Phyllis            
A4 The Pipe Of Love                  
A5 Of All The Brisk Dames                     
A6 The Queen Of May               
A7 A Nymph                  

B1 Cuckold's Haven                     
B2 A Short Dialog                        
B3 My Mistress That's Pretty                  
B4 The Cowardly Clown Of Flanders Cuckolded                     
B5 Proferred Love Rejected                  
B6 The Schoolmaster's Lesson               
B7 Susannah And The Elders

PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL INT 13050                        LP c.1962
LYRICA EROTICA VOL.3 Women's Delight
                                  [review: New York folklore quarterly, Volume 19 p.73 1963]
Ed McCurdy, vocals and guitar
Sandy Bull, banjo
Peter Gardner, guitar
Isabel Gardner, flute

liner notes by John Greenway
producer Kenneth S. Goldstein
recorded by Rudy Van Gelder
17Th-18Th Century English Love Songs

A1 Not All Can Nick It That Will   
A2 To A Lady That Will Allow All Favors But   
A3 An Amorous Dialogue   
A4 Under The Willow Shade   
A5 Narcissus, Come Kiss Us   
A6 An Answer   
A7 A Puritan Of Late   
B1 Women's Delight   
B2 When Fanny Was Growing Apace   
B3 Rondelay   
B4 The Coy Shepherdess   
B5 Blame Not A Woman   
B6 A Logical Song   
B7 Young Phaon   

1962    Mariposa Folk Festival

       performed in Canadian coffee houses

ELEKTRA EKL-213 THE BEST OF DALLIANCE      -LP 1962 Bonus Pak, 4pp texts bound-in [NY Times April 28, 1963]

    Guitar, Banjo – William Faier
    Harpsichord – Robert Abramson

    Guitar, Banjo – William Faier
    Harpsichord – Robert Abramson
    Guitar, Banjo – William Faier
    Harpsichord – Robert Abramson

    Guitar, Banjo – William Faier
    Harpsichord – Robert Abramson
    Guitar, Banjo – William Faier
    Harpsichord – Robert Abramson


MAY 11 1962 TOWN HALL recital
             NY Times review by Robert Shelton May 12, 1962


Elektra-Folkways EKL-BOX 9001                                       4-LP 1964 book, box
    Illustrated 48-page book. Detailed notes, texts, bibliography & discography.
    Compiled and annotated by Robert Shelton, produced by Jac Holzman.

Side 1 - Fun Songs
A1 Ed McCurdy: Good Old Colony Times             Elektra BOX (B3)

Side 2 - Songs of America
B10 Ed McCurdy: Hunters Of Kentucky

Side 3 - Love and Courting Songs
C8 Ed McCurdy: Ten Thousand Miles
C9 Ed McCurdy: Riddle Song

Side 4 - Oulaw and Sea Songs
D1 Ed McCurdy: Robin Hood and the Bold Pedlar
D4 Ed McCurdy: Captain Kidd

COLUMBIA LEGACY L2L 1011 / L2S 1012 THE BADMEN             2-LP box, 69pp booklet 1963
[The Badmen: Songs, Stories and Pictures of the Western Outlaws from Backhills to Border 1865-1900]

Ed McCurdy; Harry Jackson; Pete Seeger; Jack Elliott; Carolyn Hester; Jacques Manahem.
reminiscences by George Bolds, Joe Tilghman, Homer Croy; Sophie Poe and others.
guitar interludes by Charlie Byrd.

Edited by Goddard Lieberson

A1 Quantrell            (McCurdy; acc. Pete Seeger and Sandy Bull)
A4 Sam Bass             (Seeger, McCurdy, Jackson; acc. Pete Seeger and Ed McCurdy)
B1 Cole Younger         (McCurdy; acc. self)
B4 Jesse James          (Seeger, Elliott, McCurdy; additional acc. by Sandy Bull)
B5 Ten thousand cattle (McCurdy; acc. self)

book: (69 p., ill., ports.) with foreword by Goddard Lieberson; "The folklore of the badmen" and "Notes on the songs" by B.A. Botkin; "The better badmen" by Harold Preece; "About George Bolds" by James D. Horan; with newspaper clippings, biographies, lyrics and bibliography

COLUMBIA upc: 07464 45026 26                               CD 1989
2. Jesse James - Ed McCurdy/Pete Seeger/Ramblin'Jack Elliott

RADIO: THE WORLD OF FOLK MUSIC staring Oscar Brand          circa 1963 ???????????? LP-transcription
U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare
Program 73 Guest Ed McCurdy
[72 guest Dorothy Callison]

RADIO: THE WORLD OF FOLK MUSIC staring Oscar Brand          circa 1963 ???????????? LP-transcription
U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare
Program 111 Guest Ed McCurdy
[110 guest Jim Lowe]

July 26-28 1963 Newport Folk Festival
VANGUARD       VRS-9144/VSD-79144 NEWPORT BROADSIDE         LP 1963
                -Topical Songs at the Newport Folk Festival 1963
FONTANA(UK)    TFL 6038                                     LP
AMADEO(Austria) AVRS 9162                                     LP
AMADEO(Fr)      AVRS 9162          LES ROIS DU FOLK SONG    LP
VANGUARD       VCD 77003                                     CD 1991

NEWPORT BROADSIDE - Topical Songs at the Newport Folk Festival 1963
[Newport Folk Festival, July 26-28, 1963]
B3 11. Where Did You Come From          1:38

TV: OCTOBER 30 1963 LYRICS and LEGENDS - The Impact of printing on Folk Singing
      Kenneth Goldstein, Ed McCurdy, Bonnie Dobson.

Vernon V-523 In The Summer of His Years JFK tribute 1964
liner: George Alpert
A1 In the Summer of his Years                  JUNE BUGG
A2 I Can't Feel At Home in This World Anymore ED McCURDY
A3 Fare Thee Well                              ED McCURDY
A4 When I Lay My BUrden Down                   RUSTY EVANS
A5 Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child    JUNE BUGG
B1 The Lord's Prayer                           SARAH VAUGHN
B2 SOLDIER MAN                                 JUNE BUGG
B3 Study War No More                           RUSTY EVANS
B4 Waken from Thy Slumber                      JUNE BUGG
B5 Ave Maria                                  THE CHOIR OF NUNS

FOLK ART FLP 5001 late 1950's recordings, released 1964 see above
FOLK ART FLP 5006 late 1950's recordings, released 1965 see above

Billboard Mar 14, 1964        
PHILADELPHIA: First coffee shop on the suburban Drexelbrook
Shoping live folk talent is the Main Point Coffee cabaret in
college-oriented Bryn Mawr, with ED McCURDY the initial
weekend offering and George Britton hosting a Sunday afternoon
hoot each week.

COLUMBIA LEGACY LL 1023    LS 1024 THE MORMON PIONEERS                      LP 1965 book
[note: disc is NOT banded]
Saga of the Mormons in Folk Song, Diaries, Pictures, Maps and Articles from
Palmyra, NY to Great Salt Lake, Utah. Clayton Krehbiel, Ed McCurdy, Oscar Brand - various
cast and music; narration Jack Elliot.

A4 Whoa, Haw, Buck, and Jerry Boys - Ed McCurdy
A6 On the Road to California - Ed McCurdy, Clayton Krehbiel and Chorus
A7 This Is the Place - Ed McCurdy and Chorus
A9 Brighter Days in Store = Ed McCurdy and Chorus

COLUMBIA zLP 111052 MORMON PIONEERS                         7"-xx 1961??? ps ***contents unknown***

Moglen, Sig. California to the New York Island. Television script, CBS-TV. November 30, 1965.            
Script for 1965 television production of California to the New York Island.
Guests include Jack Elliott, Ed McCurdy, Bernice Reagon, and Pete Seeger.
Includes letter to Harold Leventhal from WCBS.

RADIO: THE WORLD OF FOLK MUSIC staring Oscar Brand          circa 1965 ???????????? LP-transcription
U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare
Show 236 Buffy St.Marie [GXTV 108899]
Show 237 Ed McCurdy    [GXTV 108900]

TV: Let's Sing Out (Series) (1963-1967)
Originating from university campuses all across Canada, Let's Sing Out featured audience participation as students joined Canadian and American guest stars in familiar and popular folk songs. The weekly half-hour series was seen on Fridays throughout the CTV network, beginning October 11, 1963. Host for the show was Winnipeg-born Oscar Brand.

The series aired on CTV until it was picked up by the CBC in the fall of 1966 and ran for one more season.

Mar 23, 1965 - The stoneman Family and Ed McCurdy are guests at the University of Alberta, in Calgary

Apr 27, 1965 - At the University of Alberta. Calgary, guests are The Stoneman Family, Logan English and Ed McCurdy.

Jul 6, 1965 - At the University of Alberta. Calgary, the Stoneman Family. Logan English and Ed McCurdy join Oscar Brand in a folkmusic session.

Aug 17, 1965 - The Stoneman Family, Ed McCurdy, and Marti Shannon are guests on this folk music session at the University of Alberta

1966-70 paralysis of unknown origin curtailed public performances

TRADITION/Everest TR 2061 SONG OF THE WEST                              LP 1968
recording date unknown -   see chronology - late 1950's

1970    returned to performing: The Village Gaslight, NYC

1970's hosted Tuesday night jam sessions in New York's Bitter End coffee house

                                                                                     CS 19xx 9780804502245
[also cassette 6 in SPOKEN ARTS PCC 70 AMERICAN STORYTELLERS and SONGSTERS 6-CS 1985-1986]

Narrated and sung by Ed McCurdy, accompanying himself on guitar.
Directed by Paul Kresh
Presented by Arthur Luce Klein
Liner note: Paul Kresh
biographical note: unsigned

A1 Introduction                      :33
A2 The Darby Ram                     2:40
    English Style, American Style
A3 A Folk Song Family - Introduction   :25
   1 Little Mohee                     3:45
   2 On Top of Old Smoky             3:40
   3 Jack o'Diamonds                   :55
   4 Rye Whiskey                      1:14
A4 Bad Guys - Introduction             :20
   1 John Hardy                      2:00
   2 Captain Kidd                     3:10
   3 Jesse James                      3:30
A5 Hobo Songs - Introduction          :20
   1 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad 2:10
   2 Chilly Winds                     2:16
B1 Travelin' Men - Introduction       :25
   1 It Takes A Worried Man          2:25
   2 Wanderin'                        2:38
B2 Work Songs - Introduction          :30
   1 The Ballad of the Boll Weevil    1:55
   2 Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill       2:25
   3 Haul Away, Joe                   1:58
B3 Comic Songs - Introduction          :20
   1 Cindy                            2:25
   2 Sweet Betsy from Pike            2:05
   3 The Eddystone Light             2:00
B4 Love Songs - Introduction          :40
   1 Red Rosy Bush                   2:05
   2 Brigg Fair                      2:35
   3 Dink's Song                      3:05

SPOKEN ARTS SA3006                                                4-LP 1971 CS 1987 [NY Times June 6 1976}
"“The Spoken Arts Treasury of American Speeches, ‘Ballads and Documents” is a four-record set that provides an opportunity to examine the raw materials of our history first-hand through readings of original texts interspersed with lively folk ballads performed by singer Ed McCurdy. Readers are Richard Kiley, Hurd Hatfield and the Lincoln expert Roy P. Basler." NY Times, Paul Kresh.

Vol.1 From the American Revolution through the Civil War.

28pp. teachers manual
Read by Richard Kiley, Hurd Hatfield, Roy Prentice Basler
Ballads performed by Ed McCurdy
Edited by Henrietta Yurchenco

1. Revolutionary times
   Patrick Henry's speech in the VA Convention, 3-23-1775 --
   A junto song --
   Thoughts on the present state of American affairs (from Common Sense, Jan. 1776) / Thomas Paine --       Conclusion - In the days of '76 (song) --
   The Declaration of Independence.

2. Washington and Jefferson
   The rifleman's song at Bennington --
   Washington's 1st inaugural address --
   Yankee doodle (song) --
   Washington's 2nd inaugural address --
   Jefferson's 1st inaugural address --
   Jefferson and liberty (song) --
   Jefferson's second inaugural address.

3. Jackson and Lincoln 34:23
   The hunters of Kentucky (song)
   Jackson's 1st inaugural address
   Jackson's 2nd inaugural address
   A house divided against itself
   Lincoln and liberty (song)
   Lincoln's 1st inaugural address
   Old Abe Lincoln came out of the wilderness (song)

4. The war between the states.
   Emancipation Proclamation (excerpts) --
   The valiant conscript (song) --
   Lincoln's annual message to Congress (conclusion) --
   Virginia's bloody soil (song) --
   Letter to General Meade --
   Gettysburg Address (complete) --
   Just before the battle, mother (song) --
   Lincoln's second inaugural address --
   What was your name in the states? (song) --
   General Lee's farewell address, Army of Northern Virginia -
   The southern girl's reply (song).

SPOKEN ARTS xxxx                                                       CS 1991
ISBN-10: 0804507228
ISBN-13: 978-0804507226

Southwest Folk Tales
Ed McCurdy
?????????????????????? recording date, contents unknown ??????????????????????????????

American Heritage Publishing/MCA Special Markets DX 513 AMERICA'S MUSICAL HERITAGE      2-LP 1971
B4 Cockles and Mussels

RADIO: 1973-03-05 CBC       Sunday Supplement             ISN: 35044
                              Ed McCurdy - Interview by Oscar Brand

Columbia Special Products 11597                         LP 1974
Silver Burdett Music - Book 1 - Record 4
What Do You Hear? (Module 9)

A1d Traditional American Tune: "Railroad Bill" (excerpt) --- ED McCURDY

1976 tour of Europe

[Produced by Ed McCurdy; Recording Engineer, Joseph Allison; Liner Notes by Richard Weize;
Translation by Petra Weize; Transcriptions by Ed McCurdy; Cover Design by Wolfgang Glandt;
Cover photo by Hedy West; recorded January 1976 in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, USA with the
help of Tracy Schwarz and Hedy West. Album production by Richard Weize for Bear Family Records.]

THE BEAR ECD 611-AG RAMBLIN' BOY                      CD 1995 EAN-Nr: 4016497061123
    Don Paulin, Ed McCurdy, Hedy West, Anita Carter, Lesley Schatz

A1 Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream   1:47      The BEAR ECD 611 (4)
A2 Mrs. McGraw                            2:55      The BEAR ECD 611 (6)
A3 Spanish Is a Loving Tongue             1:55
A4 The Streets of Laredo                  2:35
A5 The Chisholm Trail                     1:37
A6 Whoopie Ti Yi Yo                      2:11
A7 Jolly Old Rogers                      1:49
A8 Bally Nure                            1:09
B1 Good Old Mountain Dew                  3:05
B2 The Nightingale                        2:08
B3 Poor Boy                               3:20
B4 Venezuela                              1:44
B5 Acres of Clams                         3:45
B6 Drill Ye Tarriers                      1:44
B7 Blow the Candles Out                   1:21
B8 Midnight Special                      1:55      The BEAR ECD 611 (5)

FOLKWAYS FW 32430 ON JORDAN'S STORMY BANKS I STAND: Sacred Songs of America       LP 1977 notes(2pp)
SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS                                                                CD-r

Ed and Dana McCurdy, vocals and guitars
with Brian Flahive, harmonium
Produced by Ed McCurdy

Old Hundreth                      1:34
Bound for the Promised Land       2:02
Through All the World Below       1:49
Satan's Kingdom                   1:49
On My Journey Home                1:42
Amazing Grace                     2:22
Let Us Break Bread Together       3:03
Paul and Silas                   1:54
Just a Closer Walk                3:25
Lonesome Valley                   2:02
Brighten the Corner               2:28
Great Speckled Bird,The          1:41
Farther Along                     4:10
Mountain Railroad                3:23
Love Lifted Me                   2:41

FOLKWAYS FC 7706 SONGS and STORIES                                 LP 1980 booklet(7pp)
booklet: biographical note, texts

Ed McCurdy, voice and guitar.

A01 Young People All Come Listen Clearly    1:08
A02 There Was a Man Called Mr. Price       0:29
A03 The Balloon                            4:55
A04 A Wealthy Man Named Enoch Slaughter    0:52
A05 I'd Like to Go Back                     0:55
A06 When I Grow Up to Be a Man             0:23
A07 When I'm As Grown Up As My Mother       0:22
A08 Sometimes I'm Happy / Every Time It Rains / I Once Had a Pain in My Belly (medley)   0:42
A09 Albert the Pigeon                      8:39
B01 A Certain Boy Named Johnny Brent       0:26
B02 A Man Went Out to Pick Up Sticks       0:21
B03 A Certain Lady from New York            0:22
B04 A Nice Old Man                         5:50
B05 Katherine McFfay                        0:38
B06 There Was a Man Named Willie Hunter    0:32
B07 Captain Gregory O'Shaughnessy          4:10
B08 There Was a Fellow Pale and Wan         1:19
B09 Dear Sir and Miss Sara                  4:47
B10 Stars                                  0:50

KG PRODUCTIONS KG 34618 JUST PASSING THROUGH-early american hymns & spirituals       LP 1981
K'Anne [Kathryn Gore]

Produced by Ed McCurdy and Kathryn Gore
Recorded at C&C Studios, Astoria Queens
K'Anne (Kathryn Gore) vocals; Naomi Zubin, vocals; Dena McCurdy, lead guitar and vocals;
Ed McCurdy, guitar and bass vocals; Richard Heller, banjo and dulcimer assisted
by Michelle Heller on double dulcimer, vocals; Brian Flahive, organ;
Tom Bottomly, bagpipe.

Can't Feel at Home
Satan's Kingdom
Wade in the Water
Just a Little talk with Jesus
Michael Row
Flee as a Bird

Lonesome Valley
Jesus Loves Me
Just a Closer Walk with Thee
Is this not the Land of Beulah
Precious Memories

CooP - FAST FOLK Musical Magazine SE-101 Vol.1, No.1               LP 1982 FEB, Smithsonian CD-r
Produced by Jack Hardy
[booklet: Ed McCurdy photo cover
          3 page partial transcript: McCurdy interview by Frank Mazzetti (January 24, 1982)]

Recitation & vocal: Ed McCurdy
Guitar: Frank Christian
Bass: Mark Dann
Background vocals: The Speakeasy Chorus
(Susan Brewster, Jack Hardy, Ansel Matthews,
Suzanne Vega, Dough Waterman, Ilene Weiss)

B6 When Soldiers Die on Battlefields      Ed McCurdy 1:35
B7 Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream   Ed McCurdy 1:58

1982 February 26 & 27: Farewell New York performance at Speak Easy

1982 moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia

RADIO: 1982-10-18 CBC       McCurdy, Ed - Interview       ISN: 304622
Interview of Ed McCurdy by Fred B. Rainsberry about children's programming. <31mn>
Consultation copy: C04085 A1 2007-01-0029

1980's   appeared at festivals - Mariposa, Home County Folk Festival (London, Ont), Winnipeg
         actor in film & television

TV: Nov 13 1983 CBC   Beachcombers, The (Series) (1972-1990)
Aka: Sur la Côte du Pacifique

Prince of Dreams - 12x05 - Nov 13, 1983 - A band of Gypsies come to Gibsons and Jesse becomes entranced with their way of life. When he is invited by the Gypsy's leader to join the group, Jesse is faced with a difficult decision. Should he stay where he is or uproot his family to become part of this colourful band of wandering Gypsies. Guests: Ed McCurdy

1986    Naturalized Canadian

ED's PLACE PRODUCTIONS [Ed McCurdy] THOUGHTS AFTER SIXTY                   cassette 1987
AMAZON                                                                      download MP3 2011
EP - ???????? details unknown, offered on eBay, perhaps a lacquer. Probably bootleg.

Ed Mccurdy, Doug johnson, Dana McCurdy, the Anthony Strings
*-with Children's Choir
[Recorded by Jim McCurdy, New York]

1. Whiskey                                 2:36
2. John Browns Body                        3:37                EP A1
3. I Come To The Garden Alone             2:52
4. Trouble In Mind                         2:39                EP A2
5. Lukey's Boat                            1:36
6. My Walkin' Cane                         1:44
7. If I Check Out                         1:25
8. A Sailors Prayer                        2:36
9. My Thoughts                            3:01                EP B1
10. Spanish, The Loving Tongue             2:53                EP B3
11. Dick Darby                              3:14
12. Joe's Barroom                           2:21                EP A4
13. A Capitol Ship                         4:01
14. Now We Lay Us Down                      1:23                EP B2
15. If I Can't Be Your Lover                3:37                EP A3
16. When Soldiers Die                      1:55
17. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream-* 3:17                EP B4

FAST FOLK Musical Magazine FF 406 Vol.4, No.5/6 6th Anniversary   LP 1988
SMITHSONIAN-Folkways                                                 CD-r
Produced by Richard A. Meyer ; Recorded by Mark Dann ; Field Worker Mark Dann

A5 Three Touching and Telling Musical Expressions [bawdy songs medley] 3:41
    1) A Love Song
    2) A Travel Tale
    3) Lines on Brotherhood
by the Bard of Halifax
Ed McCurdy/Guitar & Vocal
Recorded in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Ed McCurdy

1989 TV: NFB: Justice Denied      actor

1992 September 26, awarded the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience award.

1999 summer abdominal surgery, complicated by pneumonia and congestive heart failure.

2000 March 23, died of congestive heart failure, Halifax NS, Canada.