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Posted By: DaveRo
13-Mar-18 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: Purely out of interest-who was posting 16 yr ago?
Subject: RE: Purely out of interest-who was posting 16 yr ago?
I notice that some of the early denizens if mudcat also inhabited - example. Did mudcat fulfil a need that r.m.f couldn't meet? Was usenet unavailable or unfamiliar to a new 'generation' of internet users? Just curious - I'm interested in how internet technologies evolve.

Here in the UK we had but that died in the late 2000's. Some of the people on u.m.f are here on mudcat: rollcall.

I'd known of mudcat for years - it was often referred to on u.m.f - but I assumed it was an exclusively U.S. site and never followed the forum. It was only after the BBC closed their Folk and Acoustic messageboards that I looked in here.

I still prefer usenet to most web forums, and still use it daily - but sadly no longer for folk music.

Sorry - somewhat off topic, but hopefully of interest.