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Posted By: Donuel
14-Mar-18 - 12:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Rap that is just salacious word play with celestial mechanics. tsk tsk
play is good

It is true that I have played with suppositions about the cosmos for 50 years. With the more I have playfully learned from the serious measurements of dedicated scientists the more I can back up my claims.
For example; (roll eyes or not)

Uniting quantum gravity with relativity is a dead end.
To best unfold the New Physics it is far more important to unite Field Physics with Relativity in which quantum behavior is the fundamental vibrating music of the cosmos.

The new field force carrier is not just one Higgs boson, it is as many as 4-8 variants of the Higgs. These other variants are called technicolor versions that simply have their quarks in different configurations. (we do not yet know which variant we may have detected in the HADRON collider)

My serious explanations of the mysteries of Expansion*, Dark matter* and dark energy* are as follows:

In the begining when space time was born and all the universe's spinning fundamental particles and forces were forged and began their journey through time, the great mass of the expansion
phase of the early tiny universe was slowed to a crawl by the effect of mass on spacetime .
To us it would appear as if very little time passed and only seemed faster than light. Eventually the universe appears to expand at a phenomenal rate.

Measurements show that after 4 billion years the expansion appears to slow down. Gradually the slowing expansion stopped after 7 billion years and up until now an acceleration of the universe is in full sway. My theory is that black holes forge many of the variants of higg bosons, some of which expand space instead of only giving mass to matter.
These different kinds of higg bosons may number from 4 to eight different kinds and produce all the forces and forms of matter including dark matter and space time.
Just as the big bang produced different kinds of bosons, so do black holes which have effected the expansion of the universe. These exotic forms of technicolor bosons forged in black holes like the
forging of fundamental forces in the big bang, have now significantly increased more technicolor bosons and tipped the balance that are now causing the accelerated expansion of the universe.

Usually I only say that black holes are respondsible for the acceleration of our universe hoping someone might ask why, but no one ever has.

Who'da ever thought a dyslexic savant could come up with a more simple Occam Razor explanation of the mysteries of the cosmos?

Amos, this is the way my 'tendril' feels the Cosmos and all its attractions and repulsions.