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Posted By: Senoufou
16-Mar-18 - 05:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: All the Scams Aren't in Nigeria
Subject: RE: BS: All the Scams Aren't in Nigeria
Last Friday we had a 'Nottingham Knockers' scam. A lad came to the door saying he was from Middlesbrough (apparently they all say this, for some unknown reason) and an ex-offender. He had a plastic tag attached to his jacket saying Helping Hand. He was selling household items such as dusters, teatowels and so on, at ridiculous prices (eg £20 for a tickling stick)
I've worked with dozens of ex-offenders and felt a bit sorry for the lad. He was obviously a bad 'un, looked as if he was on drugs, and his teeth were all rotten. He said he was 21 and his girlfriend was expecting his baby. I gave him £10 but didn't buy anything, we don't keep cash in the house.
He asked for a cold drink. Apparently they do this so that while you disappear to fetch the drink, they have a good look to see what they can whip. My husband fetched the drink, and when the lad saw this muscular,fierce-faced African he beetled off sharpish.
Later I rang the Police who said Helping Hand doesn't exist, it's a scam, and they're well aware of it.
I expect some elderly folk round here might be taken in, which is why I wanted to make the Police aware and pinpoint the location.
Poor young lad, I wonder what sort of life he'd led. It's sad really isn't it?