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Posted By: Steve Shaw
20-Mar-18 - 09:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Football (not the U.S. kind)
Subject: RE: BS: Football (not the U.S. kind)
Trouble is, Mike, we get individual players who light up the planet for a while then fizzle. It seems to me that Hazard is fizzling fast. Sterling - can't see him being a superstar for long. Rooney's whole career went in fits and starts. Can think of a few others - Robinho. Balotelli. Sturridge. And Neymar hasn't exactly set PSG on fire, has he? Oppositions work out ways of neutralising individual dangerous players. Liverpool's current strength is their fab three up front. They have an amazing understanding with each other and their egos are firmly in check. They work as a unit and fully occupy defences, so when someone like Salah breaks away at pace he has space and is hard to neutralise. Klopp has a way of seeing raw potential and developing it. I can see Robertson becoming Liverpool's engine room in years to come. True greats such as Best, Maradona, Pele, Iniesta and Messi, Suarez even, are very rare and you can really only shut them up by playing dirty or by their having a manager so inept that his tactics starve them of service. We've seen a lot of that with Aguero, Rooney and Michael Owen, who, unlike Messi, can look a bit lonely and ineffectual up front when the passes don't come in.