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Posted By: Jim Dixon
25-Mar-18 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Daniel O'Connell and His Steam Engine
Thanks for the tip, Gabriel.
Here it is, from the Bodleian Collection:


Ye lovers of mirth, I pray give attention
And listen to me; the truth I'll declare.
It's what happened [to] me just the other evening
As I was coming home from the fair.
Crossing the moor I beheld and old woman.
She sat in a gap and was milking a cow,
And the song that she sang was "The Boughel of Durham,"
Or some other ditty; I can't tell you now.

I had not sat long to discourse the old woman
When a jolly tinker by chance came that way.
The evening being warm, he sat down beside us.
"What news, honest man?" the old woman did say.
"Oh, no news at all," replied the bold tinker.
"Only one thing I wish that never had been:
It is that great hero they call Morris O'Donnell.
He is now making children in Dublin by steam."

"Oh, children, Agrah!" replied the old woman.
"Old hanna, man jowl! Is he crazy at last?
Or is there a sign of war and rebellion?
Or what is the reason he wants them so fast?"
"Oh, there's no sign of war," replied the bold tinker,
"But the children of Ireland are wonderful small,
So he sent a petition to the great Lord Lieutenant
To keep us from getting them the old way at all."

"His soul to the devil!" replied the old woman.
"Oh, he is a rascal, and he is nothing else.
Or how can he leave such reflection upon us,
Or does he remember how he came himself?
Oh, the rascal! he thinks that we will believe him,
And then he will think, I am sure, it's no sin.
It would be far better he'd leave off his ould capers,
And send us our parliament house back again.

"But it's I'm an old woman, three score and six,
Not a tooth in my head it's plain to be seen,
And if the rogue would provoke me, sure it's I'd lay a wager
I'd make better children than him and his steam."
"Long life to your courage," replied the bold tinker,
"And long may you live, ma'am, with truth on your side,
For if all the young girls in Ireland were like you
Morris O'Donnell might throw his steam-engine aside."