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Posted By: Senoufou
02-Apr-18 - 03:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Irish Rugby players rape case
Subject: RE: IrishRugby players rape case
I expect the various women's movements will issue a Fatwah on me, but I have to say nevertheless that women (and men) have a certain responsibility to themselves when out drinking/taking drugs etc.
This isn't the same as victim-blaming, but it's just being prudent.
If one gets blind drunk and goes to bed with someone, one is putting oneself in danger. That doesn't give any man the right to take advantage, but if one is undressed on a bed and acting provocatively, one risks rape or assault by unscrupulous individuals
If one wants to avoid such traumatic attacks, it would be better not to become completely inebriated and not to render oneself out of control of a potentially dodgy situation.

If I walked down the High Street at night alone, and with my handbag wide open showing wads of cash, I'd be very silly. It doesn't exonerate the thief, but it makes it much easier for him/her.