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Posted By: Rob Naylor
11-Apr-18 - 10:11 AM
Thread Name: What Do People Do...
Subject: RE: What Do People Do...
Linn: So...what DO people do who don't have live music in their lives on a regular basis?

I have music in my life on a semi-regular basis. I listened to music avidly when young, but only attempted to play or sing myself for a couple of teen years, and then not very seriously (learned the usual 3 chords). Dipped in and out of listening for the next 30 years or so, but only took up guitar and attempted to expand the chord repertoire about 9 years ago.

I don't practice enough, I don't get to enough sessions/ singarounds/ open mics, by a long chalk. I've made a lot of new friends through music.


I also rock-climb, and love that too, and the friends I've made through it. It's not very compatible with playing guitar, as you split your finger ends, break your nails etc regularly.

I also do hill-walking/ mountaineering/ winter mountaineering, including full-on ice-climbing and alpine routes. Never have enough time for that.

In addition, I'm pretty well addicted to British Military Fitness, doing about 5 sessions a week.

On top of that I run. Mainly half marathons, and 10k races. Plus obstacle course races like Tough Guy and Nuts For Judgement. I've recently graduated onto AEE "Special Forces Weighted March" races (which are like Orienteering races, but typically 30-40 km long, carrying 50-60 lb weight over really foul boggy terrain). Crazy thing to start doing at 62....I'm the oldest by at least 10 years on most start lines).

I also like to travel with my wife, seeing new places and enjoying new foods and drinks.

Trying to fit all this in with a full time job that involves periods of travel to strange and faraway places means that NONE of these activities get anything like the amount of attention I'd LIKE to give them....but equally I don't want to prune any of them down further than I have already (had to make some compromises on what I do, for domestic reasons).

I can't wait until I can afford to retire and get a whole lot of extra hours in my weeks to devote to the stuff I really love doing, whether it's music or something else.