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Posted By: Jim Carroll
15-Apr-18 - 04:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hit On Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Hit On Syria
"was the view I have tried to express here."
A lapse in my resolve to talkkk to morons, but patently;y untrue
You read what you wish to read in everything and make everything left unsaid up
The only d"group" here is the little bunch of (proven now)antisemites who share your desire to bale out the Israeli regime using the Jewish people as a human shield
Just thought I'd say that before I finish
You are the first to scream and shout "thread drift" so why introduce Israel to a thread about a current news item
Pretty convincing proof that you use this forum as a personal soapbox - on behalf of extremism, against moderation and, as now shown, as a personal vendetta against those who disagree with your horrendously undemocratic and inhuman views
Do not do this again
Over and out
Jim Carroll