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Posted By: Jim Carroll
15-Apr-18 - 04:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Irish Rugby players rape case
Subject: RE: BS: Irish Rugby players rape case
"probably been ruined by what the judge and jury believe were untruths."
The jury have been forbidden to talk about the trial and there is an indication that some people are unhappy with the judge's directions
Beside the point Raggy - the players careers ended because of their behaviour outside the trial with their openly declared misogynistic attitude to the woman in question and their brutal boasting of what happened, consensual or not
The inquiry decided that that was not a image suitable image for the game
In fact, the repercussions of the trial have caused the Irish Government to look at how rape is handled and how it should be handled in future

The dismissed players weer given an undisclosed (and redoubtable donkey-chocking) figure as settlement
Wonder how the woman is coping!!
Jim Carroll