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Posted By: Jim Carroll
15-Apr-18 - 11:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: Irish Rugby players rape case
Subject: RE: BS: Irish Rugby players rape case
"Groupies, Trophy-Hunters and Cougars in any large group of women"
Just as there are rapists and predators on women in any group of men
Surely the last few years have proved that women are badly treated in our society, and that it is about time that something was nose about it
Personally, I find your three choices of describing groups of women fairly representative examples of what is wrong with how we regard women - and pretty offensive
Are there male equivalents of those terms, do you think - if not, why not?
As for your special pleading for your experience - I served my time on the male orientated docks, I went drinking in pubs full of men - I even worked as an emergency maintenance electrician in pubs that ran lunchtime strip-shows where young mothers preformed for the baying 'lads' in order to feed their kids - it was a regular thing to see schoolgirls come in and change from their school-uniforms into the skimpy glitter during their dinner-break not a "Groupie, Trophy-Hunter or Cougar" among them - just a few girls trying to supplement their pocket-money
The tweet-talk of those three brave boyoes who escaped jail brought it all flooding back, big time
Sorry Kenny - your mouth gave you away
Jim Carroll