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Posted By: Kenny B (inactive)
15-Apr-18 - 03:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Irish Rugby players rape case
Subject: RE: BS: Irish Rugby players rape case
I wholeheartedly agree that rape is a serious matter no matter which gender is the victim.
The description I used were all given to me by women in conversation, I had to have the Cougar one explained to me.
Anonymity for victims is a step in the right direction plus suitable and readily available support for victims is essential and as far as know access to Specialist Doctors is still available, I was part of the access chain and have had first hand experience of dealing sympathetically with victims. As an instance, in our case no mention of the the identity or cntact details of the victim was made in any paperwork involved and any notes made locally destroyed.
The police have a very difficult job in establishing suitable evidence for prosecution however to put things in perspective some prosecutions have to take place in cases where the evidence is inconclusive where high profile people are involved so that a jury and counsel can decide if there was in fact an offence committed.
Trial by media solves nothing!