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Posted By: robomatic
16-Apr-18 - 07:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hit On Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Hit On Syria
Steve Shaw:

I appreciate a straight response from you but if you yourself have the slightest sense of fairness you will understand that with my experience in this and other threads I can perceive little difference between the behavior you claim for Keith, and the behavior I have personally witnessed from you.

Your reply was verbose, extensively borrowed from an unrelated thread, and was condescending to boot. And you HAVE behaved in a bullying manner IMO.

I experienced the sudden closing of a thread I had started which covered a subject not otherwise being addressed. Ad hominems began flying back and forth, neither side being appropriate IMO, but the sudden shutdown with no reason giving was an example to me of certain folks talking to other folks behind the scenes and I don't know any of them and it felt rather high handed to me.

You and your fellow actors have the same options of staying on message and citing your sources as anyone else without devolving into long diatribes and making oh-so-clever references to Joe McCarthy and Dr. Strangelove. Color me not impressed and allow me to make my own judgments when Mr. A of Hertford goes off the rails as you so often have claimed and I have yet to witness. You seem to think the 'A' is for Adolf but maybe it's for Abraham (which might be no improvement to your mind, but then again, it might be for Aloysius, one of my patron saints. Your mileage may vary.