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Posted By: Mr Red
17-Apr-18 - 03:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Twitter Bots are counter-productive
Subject: BS: Twitter Bots are counter-productive
in an experiment run by Duke Uni (NY) and Princeton:

They found that offering opposing views rarely swayed people, and where the views were entrenched, it made people veer further to that side.

Fakebook** is not only divisive, it is the cause of the deepening of division.

And in one case I personally found "shared" posts so egregious I had to block that person, and the bastard even had the arrogance to know he had gone too far and at the next Folk Festival still had to spout to me, and being on duty I couldn't remonstrate. What do you do? I am getting a life and it is more pleasant without his insensitivity. ergo - division.

Mind you you don't have to leave this parish to see some of the way opposing views entrenches opinions rather than softening them.

No names, no pack drill, but if you are guilty I doubt you would acknowledge that, to yourself even.

**other anti-social media are available.