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Posted By: Iains
17-Apr-18 - 04:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hit On Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Hit On Syria
Anyway after the little diversion, Parliament debated the event of recent days, while Israel behaves as though every month has an R in it and has likely attacked two further Syrian airbases.
    Had the evidence placed before the government been unequivocal, there was perhaps a case for a response on humanitarian grounds. This assuredly was not the case though. If you read the UN reports it is clear poison gas has been used previously, both chlorine and sarin. The fact finding missions of the OPCW have collected samples that have tested positive for both. What is more difficult is to assess the type of munition used and mode of delivery. Pointing the finger relies on accurate determination of the latter factors. That finger clearly points at the various rebel groups and Assad, although previous form suggests certain outcomes may have been as a result of being leaned on.
Syria is fast becoming a festering sore that could explode into a far bigger war. The Israeli actions do nothing other than create constant provocation and vastly increased tension. I wonder what bigger game they are playing?