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Posted By: C-flat
18-Apr-18 - 10:45 AM
Thread Name: Guitar nails
Subject: Guitar nails
I've played finger-style guitar for many years and never felt fully comfortable using plectrums or wrap-around picks, whether I'm playing acoustic or electric, despite being a "heavy" player.
The downside of this is the havoc wreaked on my poor finger-nails which, occasionally, forced me to reach for the plastic pick for some relief.
A recent rush of blood to the head inspired me to venture into a "nail bar" and have some "gel" creations brushed over the remains of my tattered nails.
Being a mature gentleman with hands resembling pigs trotters, this was the cause of some mild amusement and curiosity in the "salon" however, the finished result was better than I could of imagined!
The gel sets incredibly hard and, with a bit of filing, I can have the exact length and shape I prefer.
They need to be touched-up or replaced every couple of weeks (it costs around £10 for 4 nails)and, at a casual glance, look very natural.
I'm really surprised I hadn't heard of anyone else doing this and the girls in the salon hadn't ever been asked for "guitar nails" before but have since started advertising the service.
My wife has enjoyed the odd witty remark at my expense when she's come across me tending to my nails with a file and some moisturising oil but, that aside, it's been a real boon and has given my playing a fresh push as I'm finding different tones and a lot more volume at my disposal.
Has anyone else here tried this?