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Posted By: gnu
18-Apr-18 - 03:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: On my gravestone
Subject: RE: BS: On my gravestone
"He devoted his death to medical science."... assuming Dalhousie Medical School will accept my corpse. They have high entrance standards and, then, there is the fire code to consider. Hazardous waste, eh? >;-)

It's a good deal. They pay everything! The round trip (maximum three years), the cremation of whatever they don't throw on the barbie, the urn... it's a hell of a deal. Plus, you get to designate who gets the urn so you can get you shipped to a jurisdiction that doesn't require a burial. That way, whoever gets the ashes can dump them in the toilet and sell the urn for at least enough to buy a bottle of the pure. Win-win-win I'd say.