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Posted By: Senoufou
19-Apr-18 - 07:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Irish Rugby players rape case
Subject: RE: BS: Irish Rugby players rape case
Many many years ago, in my voluntary capacity of ex-offenders mentor, I was once asked by the Police to assist in the case of a young lass who had accused a lad of having raped her. They needed a female independent person to be present, so I agreed. The woman ( a sex-worker) had been in prison for drug-related offences, and was mentally rather unwell. Her mother was an alcoholic, had little contact with her, and was in no fit state to sit with her daughter. The Police were very kind to her and did everything correctly (samples, clothing put into sealed bags, statement and so on)

I was left to sit with the woman while admin was being completed, and she suddenly confessed to me that she'd made it all up. I kept very calm, took her hand and gently asked her to talk a bit more. It was actually all untrue, and she wanted to stop the procedure. I had to fetch the female Police officer and quietly tell her what had been said. I couldn't be sure if the allegations were true but the victim was afraid to continue, or if it was indeed a fabrication.

Meanwhile, the Police had gone to the lad's place of work and arrested him (in front of all his workmates) He was apparently in tears with the shock.
The outcome was that the charges were dropped, and the woman was sectioned under the Mental Health Act; she was very unwell, and I visited her later in the mental hospital.

I'm relating all this because it can be that some accounts of 'rape' may not be entirely the true facts. Or that there were no clear boundaries from either side. And imagine the trauma of that lad arrested in such a fashion. I actually felt very sorry for both of them.