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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
19-Apr-18 - 08:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hit On Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Hit On Syria
If anyone can make sense of what I wrote last night,
please let me know enclosing a self addressed envelope for a free autographed collector's card......

I typed it quickly after waking up groggy and confused
from falling asleep during a long drama documentary about Daniel Boone...

Interestingly this documentary seemed almost as fictionalised as if had been a Hollywood action movie,
compared to the wiki history for this man.
I don't know why they bother making these productions.
Either make an accurate documentary, or just give us a proper pop corn action movie.
These expensively stage hybrid re-enactment drama-docs just over condense, simplify, and fictionalise far too much.
I feel cheated.

Which brings me on to the point of real time news reporting of current international conflicts and wars;
and being able to trust what is depicted on screen and in print.

How would World War 2 have progressed if 24/7 news channels and internet social media had existed back then.
With every event being covered and commented on in fine detail in up to the minute real time..
with panels of journalists and experts arguing opinions on what is really happening and who is to blame...

How much different might received history be now,
how altered would classic heroic war movie accounts have to be...?????

How much longer before viewers are invited to to phone in to select winners and losers,
who gets killed in Syria and who survives onto the next round...????

Ok let's spin the wheel of death - odd numbers Asshat & Russia did it,
even numbers it was staged by activists..
bonus number and we will implicate CIA / MI6...

If we can't trust modern media and social networks...

So finally.. I don't know what's real or not from watching BBC news reports,
and so should not make arrogant dogmatic pronouncments based on such uncertainty...
The only sane position should be scepticism in public discourse,
even if I have made my mind up based on informed judgement and opinion / prejudice in private...???