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Posted By: Helen
23-Apr-18 - 01:04 PM
Thread Name: Instrument-specific jokes
Subject: RE: Instrument-specific jokes
I've read variations of this one, but this one will do:

So there were two guys named Sam Frank and Frank Sam. They were beloved best friends for life and had their different vices. Sam Frank loved to hang out in discos and party and Frank Sam loved to play his harp. They both tragically died. Frank Sam went to heaven and played his harp beautifully for St. Peter and the rest of the angels and Sam Frank went know...the other place. One night, St Peter said to Frank Sam, that he could go down to the other place and visit Sam Frank but for ONLY ONE NIGHT! aaaand midnight was the cut-off, a cinderelly sort a thing. They had a marvelous time. Sam Frank owned a wonderful little disco where Frank Sam played his harp and they joked for hours. Midnight struck and Frank Sam had to go. They said their goodbyes and Frank Sam went back to Heaven. He walked up to the Pearly Gates and whispered "ah damn." St Peter looked concerned and asked "What is it?" Frank Sam looked at him and said...(drum roll for most cheesy and out of date punch line in the world) "I left my Harp in Sam Frank's Disco ."