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Posted By: wysiwyg
29-Apr-18 - 02:47 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
There's a lot that's missing, apparently including power tools and Hardi's electric guitar and Kentucky-style mandolin. There's a lot that's damaged. The pantry and freezer stocked for my return, of course, are empty.

It's way, WAAAAY beyond a normal 24-year-old having a party get out of control and not cleaning it up in time. A number of decor/art items were removed from their locations and displayed elsewhere-- with a woman's touch. A whole bookcase (and its books) is missing but I'm not done looking.

So what are we doing about all this: First, son, DIL, BIL and I spent about an hour and a half consolidating piles of trash, dirty laundry, recyclables (and towels soaked with overflowed toilet water) into manageable piles (plus taking down smoke-soaked curtains to add to the 6 laundry bags), and created traffic paths thru the house to bring in the four heavy pieces that come off the truck today.

Then we did the garage-consolidating Tyler had committed to doing, to create interim storage and ongoing workzones out there-- a corner for framed art and other decor I brought; a corner for kitchen boxes; an area for BR boxes; a corner for Liberation Library boxes and furniture; a corner for scooters/walker. Large furniture pieces to go in back of two of those corners were unloaded and placed. The individually-numbered creche set went up into the rafters, with numbers visible from below. Boxes coming off the truck to get to those furniture items coming into the house went to their above destination corners.

We're on lunch/nap break now, and then those last big pieces will come into the house, and one big item that's being replaced will depart. Behind them in the truck are my 6 bankers' boxes, and heavy electronics/stationery boxes, with designates garage space awaiting them.

My germination kit came in along with the rolled plastic sheeting, for a perk-me-up project in a few days.

The plumber comes tomorrow morning. I'm still waiting to hear from the locksmith.

My bed is full of nail polish and cigarette butts, and DIL and I'll tackle that tomorrow. I found clean clothes to put on, and we're running a pee bucket with portapotty chemicals. I'll take a few pillows back to the motel tonight and hope plumbing is functional tomorrow with new locks.

We set up a patio dishwashing station in case we can't use the kitchen sink. The dirty dishes they left piled high in the kitchen smell bad enough that I'll probably soak and rinse them out there and then load them in the DW when the plumber gives the OK.

Everybody is mad at me for trusting this housemate, including me. So far, everyone else feels free to vent about this-- at me-- except me.

I'll file the police report when we're done unpiling the closets where they may have shoved some of the items I'm missing.

It looks like he let 4-5 friends stay here, hosted large, wild and messy parties, and then they left him too big a mess to finish clearing. But failing to do the agreed work (in lieu of rent) appears to have started right after I left.

The neighbors say that in addition to the trash left that WE are dealing with, there were 15 bags of garbage at the curb last week plus the 96-gallon trash and recycling bins the waste mgmt company supplies.

A rotting teak patio set (left around my fire pit) went to the curb.