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Posted By: keberoxu
14-May-18 - 12:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: trust and the aitch-word
Subject: to trust, to heal
The aitch-word in question is h-e-a-l.
This four-letter word has a sticky reputation here at the Mudcat forum,
as can be observed with a filtered search of thread-names.
Between 1999 and 2001, there was, if anything, a surplus of threads requesting the aitch-word
in the form of thoughts, energies, good mojo, prayers even,
whatever one calls it,
in a situation of crisis or acute illness, or extreme treatment.

Then came September 11 and a lot of rage and anger, along with the rest of the grieving process.
That, too, is eloquently witnessed to in a superabundance of Mudcat threads.

Today, as before, there are Mudcatters who post or who open threads,
requesting a certain kind of supportive attention from their fellow members; and what they request, under conditions of risk, need, threat, difficulty, even crisis, is probably the same heart connection that it always was.
Only, today, people are careful how they use the aitch-word along with other words like prayer, so as not to give offense.

Why do I bring up trust?
I am looking for a word for something emphasized in my post-traumatic healing process, by the therapist who worked with me through childhood abuse issues. This experienced professional remarked -- I paraphrase --
that abuse as deep-reaching, and as early in the development of character and personality, as the abuse experienced by me,
will not heal without a connection to something with a power greater than my own.
Actually the professional called it something else which was understood between them and me, however it might be misunderstood by the habitués of BS-Mudcat so I will not use that word here.

Trust is one of the worst casualties of abuse, and trauma messes with it as well.
Does a recovering survivor go through life, trusting nothing and no one;
or is trust possible after the worst is over?