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Posted By: Andy7
18-May-18 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: who would be in your band?
Subject: who would be in your band?
Imagine that you can choose any 3 people, whether currently or previously alive, to form a new band with you.

You will be the leader of this select musical group, and you can choose 3 other people to join you.

Here are my choices:

First, I'd choose Roberta Flack, a brilliant solo singer for some of our new band's songs, and she'd also harmonise well in songs sung by others. Plus, she plays the keyboard rather well.

My next choice would be Robin Williamson. He could play almost any insrument that was needed, as well as bringing another good vocal to the group. And, he'd introduce us to a wide selection of traditional songs.

For my third choice, I'd have to reach back to the 18th century, for Wolfgang A Mozart. He'd be our band's creative genius, figuring out the arrangements for most of our songs, and also writing us loads of new material. And I suspect he'd play and sing rather well too!

So, who would be in your ideal band of you and 3 other musicians?