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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
20-May-18 - 10:44 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Lovely bands of thunderstorms rolling over the area this morning mean it's a day for eBay and later, getting a bag of trash ready for the curb. Things I've pulled out of cabinets that I don't want to run down the drain can go into the trash (pour liquids into the bagged contents of the cross-cut shredder) and the recyclable plastics into that bin.

The latest thunderstorm power-outage seems to have finally fried the memory of my AIWA system in my office. It has acted up for a while, always defaulting to the CD player when turned on, but now the FM frequencies can't be tuned in. Merde! I used the dual cassette portion with its turntable to record all of my father's LPs before they were distributed as part of his estate; it has been around a while. If it isn't working it isn't fair to donate to a thrift store for someone to buy and have to return. If it gets replaced, it'll go to the e-Waste bin at work. The speakers and turntable are still fine, so it needs a new receiver and cassette and CD player. Probably something to find at the thrift store. Or bring the others in the house into here (they're in my front room where they're rarely used.) :-/

And, alas, after a dozen years my cable internet provider company is discontinuing the web space that I've used for some small personal pages of links. I have to figure out how to host them from someplace else. I know how to do it, it's just choosing one that gives me the flexibility to do a number of things with the space (blog, photo storage, page hosting).