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06-Apr-97 - 11:11 PM
Thread Name: Origin: A Boy Named Sue (Shel Silverstein)
Subject: Lyr Add: A GIRL NAMED JOHNNY CASH (Martin Mull)
HELLO ALL! A BOY NAMED SUE - written by Shel Silverstein and recorded by Johnny Cash was no doubt a never to be forgotten song. Shortly thereafter a sorta answer type of song was penned by Martin Mull and recorded by Jane Morgan. The album: Jane Morgan In Nashville/1970/RCA LSP-4322 has the only recording I have ever found of the song.

Written by Martin Mull
As recorded by Jane Morgan on "Jane Morgan In Nashville" (1970)

INTRO: Kick off with FOLSOM PRISON BLUES (da da da dah dah dah da-da-da dah).

[G#] Started out in Tennessee in 1944.
When the [C#] doctor hollered, "It's a girl," my father hit the floor.
Then he [G#] hit the bottle and he signed his name and he drove off in the Nash.
Then [Eb] when that sun came up again he'd named me Johnny [G#] Cash. Uhh! [F#] Uhh!

[F#] So at 22 I left my home; to Nashville I did go,
To [B] try to land me a little job; had to earn myself some dough.
I was [F#] workin' in a diner in a hairnet servin' hash,
And [C#] on my little apron was embroidered "Johnny [F#] Cash." Uhh! [E] Uhh!

[E] I could 'a' had my pick o' men if I'd been named Lucille,
But [A] when they saw my uniform, they just laughed and ate their meal;
So [E] I just drink my coffee black in back behind the trash,
And [B] curse that lousy drunkard who had named me Johnny [E] Cash.


And I walked the streets of Nashville; I was feelin' low and lost.
I thought I'd go and change my name no matter what it cost.
I stood in line behind a man who turned and in a flash,
He said: "My name is Sue" and I said: "Great! I'm Johnny Cash." Uhh! [F#] Uhh!

(Same chords as 2nd verse)
Now me and Sue is married with a little boy and girl.
The boy was christened Jessica and the girl was christened Earl;
And when my Sue comes home from work it's up the stairs we dash,
'Cause I love to hear my little Susie say: "I love you, Johnny Cash."

TAG: Same ending as on FOLSOM PRISON BLUES.