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Posted By: Metchosin
07-Feb-01 - 09:35 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Dale Evans has passed away Feb-2001
Subject: RE: Dale Evans has passed away
Oh dear, Dale and Buttermilk filled my childhood dreams. Until we meet again......

It probably is not quite appropriate on Dale's thread but something Spaw said above reminded me of childhood lost and the following poem by my brother

Death of Roy Rogers

Just as well…he'd hate it now
He had simple solutions for a world wanting to go bad
But they don't work in these times of disintegration.
Jesus, the bad guys are wearing white, quoting scripture,
And good guys can be bought for a price
And everyone shoots to kill….
But when Roy brought 'em down
He just winged em and they knew better….
Knew the code of the west.
Nowadays ya gotta kill 'em
Or else they just get smarter….
Or get lawyers who already are,
And they sue ya…
Jesus Roy, they're killing widows and orphans
From boardrooms while drinkin' lattes and keepin' tabs on
Their stocks…
And they don't use guns no more, they use computers…
Ctrl, alt, delete…."The hostiles are takin' over!"
The bad guys….
Yeah…Roy and Trigger..
They'd hate it now.

On the bright side, from what I can gather, Roy and Dale left a lot of love.