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Posted By: Thompson
28-May-18 - 01:18 PM
Thread Name: The Lorelei vs. Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Subject: RE: The Lorelei vs. Tomorrow Belongs to Me
I'm interested in the cynical old gent who is the only one immune to the siren song of the beautiful choirboy.

(By the way, a side note: choirboys starve too when there is famine.)

The old man seems to me a classic portrayal of the old Jewish trade unionist, the kind of person who in New York would have been a Wobbly. He has courage right to the bone - nothing is going to make him rise to his feet when all others have, because he recognises the fascism of the song and the singer.

In him, we're looking at a portrait of the walking dead. If he's not murdered as he leaves the cafe, during a "spontaneous street riot", he will certainly be shipped to a camp and murdered within months.

If you want to know the name of the accordion tune, post a clip of it on Twitter or Facebook and six people will probably come right back to you within the hour with the name.