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Posted By: Jim Carroll
11-Jun-18 - 07:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: UKLabour is a bastion of meritocracy !!
Subject: RE: BS: UKLabour is a bastion of meritocracy !!
"Like this".
Missed off the question mark Nigel - a bit rusty
"You haven't see the documents either."
I followed the reports at the time as did everybody else
All the hidden reports can possibly be is the background to what we already know - that the man was a serious international crook and his mammy bailed him out
I should imagine that the outrageous breach of the right to disclosure is to hide how deeply THatcher's colleagues were involved in the cover-up
Election - can a government relying on a terrorist linked political party which is still ploutering around Jurassic Park as far as human rights is concerned, possibly survive ?
If the gross immorality of relying on such friends doesn't bring May's Fred Karno set-up her back-stabbing colleagues (Brainless Boris - Gove the gob.... and How Much is that Moggy) will be more than happy to administer the coupe-de grace
A totally divided Government on major issues, a Brexit entry policy that need a guide dog and a white stick leading Britain into the Brave New World of "standing on its own two feet" - are you people totally round the twist ?
Language - c'mon we're all adults - there is no such thing as bad language - just language used badly
Sorry Nigel - you are one of "Them" I have a degree of respect for - don't you let me down
Jim Carroll