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Thread Name: Origin: Sloop John B
Subject: RE: Origin: Sloop John B
Heads up, revised & updated to The Weavers first audio release:

Hoist the John B. sails
w&m: Prouty (Eddy Warren,) Spencer, Mass.;
two step for piano, by Ed. W. Prouty. 19970, C 46639, Apr.25, 1903; 2c. Apr.25,1903.
[Catalogue of Title Entries of Books and Other Articles, Vol. 36 Musical Compositions, (Washington: GPO, 2 April 1903, p.452)]

*Hoist the John B. Sails!
[Advertisement, Bahamas Goverment Agent, (New York: New York Tribune, 5 Dec., p.adv., 1915)]
[Advertisement, Bahamas Goverment Agent, (New York: The Sun, 26 Dec., 1915, p.13)]

The John B. Sails
[Gallienne, R.L., Coral Islands and Mangrove Trees, Harper's Monthly Magazine, vol.CXXXIV, December, 1916, To May, 1917 (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1917, pp. 82-83)]

The John B. Sails
[Gallienne, R.L., Pieces of Eight: Being the Authentic Narrative of a Treasure Discovered in the Bahama Islands, In the Year 1903 – Now First Given to the Public" (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1918, pp.30-31)]
(Multiple reprintings.)

The John B. Sails
w: F.W. Clark, m: A. Leopold Richard
[The John B. Sails, sheet music, (Chicago: Legters Music Co, 1921)]

*H'is up the John B. sail
Twelve Bahamian memories; sheet music,
w&m: A.F.F. of U.S.©1c. May 8, 1924; E 590089; Anthony Frank Fiorillo, New Haven Conn. 12186
[Catalogue of Copyright Entries, pt.III, n.s., V.19, (Washington: GPO, 1924, p.12182)]

w&m: ©8May24, E590089. R79U9, 29May51, Anthonv Frank Fiorillo (A)
[Catalog of Copyright Entries, Series 3, v.5, pt.5c, nos.1-2, Renewal Registrations – Music, (Jan.-Dec. 1951)(Washington: GPO, 1951, p.78)]

*H'is up the John B. sail
Native Bahamian memories;
w&m: Esau Wood [pseud, of A. F. F.]; pf. and ukulele acc. First series:© Oct. 3, 1924; 2 c. Oct. 6; E 600328; Anthony Frank Fiorillo, New Haven, Conn. 20401
[Catalogue of Copyright Entries, pt.III, n.s., V.19, (Washington: GPO, 1924, p.1001)]

w&m Esau Wood (pseud. Of Anthony Frank Fiorillo)©3oct24, E600328. R84855, 22oct51, Esau Wood (A)
[Catalog of Copyright, Renewals, (Washington: GPO, 1951, p.136)]
[At Yale - Native Bahamian memories]

Trilogy: The John B. Sails; Canopus & The Watch Tower
[McCutcheon, John T. & Evelyn S, The Island Song Book, (Chicago: The Chicago Tribune Tower, Private printing, Jan. 15, 1927, pp. i, ii, 8, 22, 23)]

*Hice up the John B. sail
Grants' Town Melodies: Four original melodies of Bahamian airs.
Arr: Austin Ira Destoup, Nassau
[musical score, (Nassau: A. Destoup, 1927)]

The John B. sails
Arr: A.G. Wathall, WGN-Chicago
[Sandburg, C., American Songbag, (Orlando: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1927, p.22)]

H'ist up the John B's sails
418B2, Sound recording, sung by Cleveland Simmons and group of women. Old Bite, Cat Island, Bahamas, Alan Lomax, Mary Elizabeth Barnicle, July 1935.
[American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, AFC 1935/001; AFS 00418 B02, 1935]
[Commericial release: Rounder, CD, 11661-1822-2, 1999, trk.7)

*'Oist hup de John B. sail
w & melody. © 1 c. Jan. 30, 1939; E unp. 187035;
Osgood Stevens Lovekin & Marion Roads Lovekin, North Tarrytown, N. Y. 4893
[Catalog of Copyright Entries, Part 3, Musical Compositions, New Series, v.34, For the year 1939, nos.1-12, (Washington: GPO, 1940, p.4873)]

Note: There are several versions in the unreleased 1940 WPA Florida Recordings (American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.)

(The Wreck of the) John B
w/m: Carl Sandburg, Lee Hayes
[The Weavers, Decca, 27332, 1950, b/w: The Roving Kind]