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Posted By: Jim Carroll
16-Jun-18 - 04:03 AM
Thread Name: Traditional songs about disabilities
Subject: RE: Traditional songs about disabilities
Mikey also told us a story of a young woman married to a blind man
She was having a affair with a young neighbour and the couple used to meet in a clump of trees near to their home
The husband got word of it so, after having been told where the lovers regularly met, he went out, found the tree they met under and climbed it, waiting for them to turn up.
He heard them below, and, after a little while began to clamber down the tree; on the way down, he was struck in the face by a branch which miraculously restored his sight.
He saw the couple on the ground, half-undressed, and demanded to know what was going on
The wife told him that a local wise-woman had told her that doing this was the only way to get the sight of his eyes back

Like a number of Mikey's tales, this is an extremely ancient one, It can be found in Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' and occurs partially in song form in Yorkshire singer, Frank Hinchliff's 'The Pear Tree' (with the blindness element missing)
Jim Carroll