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Posted By: wysiwyg
18-Jun-18 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Our Amazing Dogs
Subject: RE: BS: Our Amazing Dogs
Newbie is settling into QUITE a nice service dog for mobility assists. She also is welcome now, with or without vest, at all my local stores. She has to come in not to help me there, but because I don't want her stolen if I leave her outside; also my loaner-car doesn't hold her crate AND it's often too hot to leave her anyway. There are security issues precluding leaving her behind for more than an hour or two. And she is needed when I'm using my scooter to get back and forth.

So every time I take her inside when I may not directly need her, I focus on training. Currently she's learning to tolerate being between the scooter and a narrow check-out lane, patiently, pressed snugly against the side of the lane.

Her official vest is helping reduce the number and insistence of folks wanting to pet her, and she's learned not to solicit petting when I take her to a lunch meeting.

I love scootering past a gaggle of store employees and hearing them talk about how pretty she is-- she's the prettiest ugly-gargoyle-face I ever saw, and it's neat to hear that others see that too!