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Posted By: Jos
20-Jun-18 - 08:09 AM
Thread Name: Childrens singing games
Subject: RE: Childrens singing games
To get back to the subject -
This morning on one of the television news programmes, nursery school children were shown playing 'The farmer's in his den' (singing VERY9 slowly) taught by the teachers.
When I was small, 'Ring-a-ring-a-roses' was for toddlers, taught by parents or older sisters or brothers, and perhaps on 'Listen with Mother'.
'The farmer's in his den', 'In and out the windows' (not dusty bluebells in Somerset), 'The big ship sails ...' etc. were taught to the new children when they started school at the age of five, by the slightly older children. Once some people came and recorded us playing and singing, but I've no idea who they were or whether the recording still exists.
The teachers made us play 'Simon says'.
At the high school we played a chasing game with the then topical name of 'Mau-mau terrorists', and a game where a row of children passed, or pretended to pass, a ball between them. Then the person who was 'it' had to guess who had the ball. It was called 'Queenie baw-baw-baw' - presumably corrupted Latin or Old French for 'Who has the ball?'.