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Posted By: GUEST,Susie
21-Jun-18 - 01:34 AM
Thread Name: Childrens singing games
Subject: RE: Childrens singing games
"In and out the dainty bluebells" ...

I was born in 1954. All the UK-mentioned games above, we played in the playground; Ashton-on-Mersey, Sale, Cheshire. There were unspoken 'rules' about what you played at what time of year. We learned from each other.
LOADS of playground gales, skipping games ["I'll ask my mum if we can use her washing line "]. Small ball games, some against a wall.

"Queenie old coco, who's got the ball?
See I haven't got it.
See I haven't got it.
Queenie old coco, who's got the ball?"

"The farmer's in his den". "The farmer wants a wife". "The wife wants a child". "The child wants a dog". "We all pat the dog".

A tennis - type ball game, "Bad Eggs". One person 'on' with the ball. They give a category ie. fruit. The other children huddle away from the 'on-sie' and give each other AND the 'on-sie' a fruit each. The on-sie chooses the fruit, shouts it out as they throw the ball straight up in the air. Everyone scatters. The person who IS that fruit has to catch it - if it's the on-sie, they all shout "Bad eggs!". As soon as the fruit has the ball, they yell "Stop!" and everyone has to stand still. The fruit throws the ball, trying to hit the legs of one of the other children. If they DO, that person's 'on'. If they don't the fruit is 'on'.

We used to play that in the road outside my house. The rare times that a vehicle approached, the cry of "car!" went up and we waited till it went past.

And I'd forgotten that existed. Funny what memories such threads can evoke!