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Posted By: FreddyHeadey
21-Jun-18 - 10:19 AM
Thread Name: Childrens singing games
Subject: RE: Childrens singing games
There is an interesting film here from the National Library of Scotland. (nearly twenty minutes .... get your pen and paper out)


"Collection of children's street games filmed in the streets of Edinburgh accompanied by traditional children's songs. 

Publicity leaflet:
Their progress is followed along an ideal thoroughfare. In songs where ancient ritual, myth, the mountain and the rose, mingle with taxis, telephones and powder-puffs. Old rhymes rarely dying - something new always appearing.
No-one asks "What does this mean?" The world's accepted, poetry's kept alive. Favourite topic, love and death. Not meant for education or entertainment but belonging to the art of play.
Shot in six Easter days of boisterous weather, the cast, mostly girls, numbering sixty. 

Made by teachers at Norton Park School, Edinburgh.
"Whistling" done by poet Norman MacCaig.
Councillor Pat Murray is the bespectacled man next to the teddy boy (c.11 minutes into film). He was the founder/moving spirit behind establishment of Museum of Childhood.

Film shown at UNICA festival Barcelona, 1952."