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Posted By: catspaw49
08-Feb-01 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: MORE CarolC's Canadian Adventure!
Subject: RE: BS: MORE CarolC's Canadian Adventure!
So if Carol is 5 years younger tha flats an Hawk is 2 years older, than if we take the the age of hesperis and multiply it by 3 and add the sums, divide by 12 and take the total to the 11th pwer, then by diferentiating under the equal sign we can find the answer on a train leaving Chicago which will head towards New York at 62 mph and will be meeting a train coming to Chicago at 57 mph. The question then is:

What time will it be Orillia when anyone here cares one way or another about whether a toenail collection lessens your cahnces in politics?

Just curious.