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Posted By: CarolC
08-Feb-01 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: MORE CarolC's Canadian Adventure!
Subject: RE: BS: MORE CarolC's Canadian Adventure!
Actually, Spaw, it's funny you should mention that... There was a pretty big scandal in Orillia around that election and flattop's toenail collection.

It seems that flattop wasn't just collecting his own toenails. He was secretly collecting the toenails of Orillia's most prominent citizens. He would bribe the household staff of his intended victims, and they would collect the toenails from the trash containers.

While examining the toenails from one of his opponents in the election, flattop discovered that the opponent had a particularly vicious form of toenail fungus. He decided to use this information in a smear campaign against the opponent.

What flattop didn't realise is that public sympathy would go against that type of campaign, and the opponent got the sympathy vote, which equalled roughly 95% of the population of Orillia.

It was a very unfortunate situation all around, and effectively ended flattop's political career.