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Posted By: Jim Carroll
30-Jun-18 - 08:25 AM
Thread Name: Songs about getting older?
Subject: RE: Songs about getting older?
"Jim, yes, that's the song, All Used Up: glad you found it."
Beautiful song - still brings a lump...

I was always rather fond of Pete Mundey's song, 'Take Your Time" until I heard a Liverpool audience roar out
"Take your time, you dirty old man"

There are still places on the planet screaming out for missionaries!!
Jim Carroll

(by Pete Mundey)
So take your time, me lovely old lad
Oh there ain't no need for to hurry
For as long as you're able to wind up me clock
Then I have no need for to worry.

You first wound me clock up on our wedding day
You promised t'would always be striking
Though the spring's getting weaker and feeble the tick
It's still very much to me liking.

I mind the time when we were young
You worked at the hedgin' and dykin'
Oh you'd go out at dawn and work through till dusk
And come home for me clock to be strikin'.

As time goes by, our children's grown up
We're soon making wedding vows binding
Oh I told all me daughters the one thing I've learned
Make sure your clocks always needs winding.

And now that we're nearing the end of our days
And you are so tired and grey, love
It still pleases me so when you wind up me clock
And it will till the end of my days, love.