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Posted By: GUEST,Carol's Friend Don
08-Feb-01 - 03:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: MORE CarolC's Canadian Adventure!
Subject: RE: BS: MORE CarolC's Canadian Adventure!
Gee thanks. You send a message through an extremly tight government firewall about "crossing the border", "Pakistani asking for asylum", "confiscating weapons", and "Orillia"(obviously a misson code like Odessa, Overlord, or Taylor Common). I'm waiting for three suits wearing earpieces to seize my computer. (Not to worry, if they try, they'll be wearing their loafer tassels for earings, and coughing just to pee). NEWS: The accordion is a no show. The Penney's stuff is in. I'm playing in a Scottish open band for a St. Columbia Valentines Day dance under Liz Donaldson and Steve Hickman. Sparky Rucker (from the Common Ground Death March)is doing the Black History Guilt-Trip Tour through the area, and will be showing up at O'Hurley's tonight. The Doctors are uping my dosage to the point where it's hard to push down on the keys. If they keep this up, I'm going to have to move to Florida and become a Democratic voter. Sorry about your pepper spray, I told you to switch labels with a vaginal deodorant spray can; nobody would have messed with it. During the riots I glued my mace cannister with a hair spray label, and used it to touch up their "do's" prior to the arrest photographs. One of the funniest fatalities I ever investigated was the parking garage valet who was driving some gal's convertable up to the top floor of the five story building. He spotted a cannister hanging off her key chain, and apparently thought it was breath spray. One squirt and he drove off the third floor. He almost buried it in a nextdoor office building. The secretary in that office said he was "really screaming" on the way down... Write if you find work,