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Posted By: Jim Dixon
01-Jul-18 - 02:44 PM
Thread Name: Songs about getting older?
Subject: Lyr Add: GETTING OLDER EVERY DAY (Big Bill Broonzy
You can hear this recording at YouTube

As recorded by Big Bill Broonzy, 1940.

You say you're gettin' old; now, it' older ev'ry day.
You say you're gettin' old; yeah, you say you gettin' older ev'ry day.
Ah, you ain't but fifty. Hoo, Lord! Boy, you shouldn't feel that way.

Now when you get so old you can't work at no mill,
Yeah, when you get so old, now, boy, you can't work at a mill,
Now, don't you make no dates, hoo, Lord! But at that you can't fill.

Now, if your luck don't change, boy, don't you be sad.
Yeah, if your luck don't change, now, buddy, don't you be sad.
Now, you really gotta learn what you take the good now with the bad.

Now, when you get old and your good gal don't want you 'round,
Hoo, Lord! When you get old, and your good gal don't want you 'round,
Now, you know you didn't run out o' commission, hoo, boy! I declare you're poor-house bound.

Now, don't laugh, buddy; now, I didn't nobody's downfall.
Hoo, lawd! Don't laugh, buddy; I meanin' nobody's downfall;
Because if your woman would check up on you, hoo, Lord! She'd put another mule in your stall.