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Posted By: Jim Dixon
05-Jul-18 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Angela Davis (Chris McCloud)
Subject: Lyr Add: LOVE FOR LOVE (Peggy Seeger)
Only one word is uncertain in my transcription, in verse 5, line 6. It ought to rhyme with "pain" and it seems to start with "w" but "wain" makes no sense to me, so I decided to substitute "ways"--which makes sense but ruins the rhyme scheme. Can anyone improve on this?

As recorded by Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl on "Different Therefore Equal" (1979).*

1. Come my darling; we're a union,
Equals all along the line.
Here's my love then; come and take it.
I'll keep yours and you keep mine.
One and one a combination,
Love for love and equal shares,
Ev'ry burden shared in common,
Equal joys and equal cares.

2. Let me look into your eyes, love.
Let me breathe you in like air.
Breathe away, love, while you can
But don't forget the world out there.
Love your hands so small and slender.
Touch me with them; I'm undone.
Not too small to tear the old world
Down and learn to fire a gun.

3. Let me put my arms around you.
Let me drown, love, in a kiss.
Kiss away, love, but remember:
We stand on the precipice.
Love your lips so warm and tender.
Love the look that's in your eyes.
Eyes to face the facts of life, love;
Lips for shouting battle cries.

4. Love can help us teach each other,
Teach a pupil, both in one;
And then we'll start a chain reaction.
What you know, love, pass it on.
Adding two and two together,
Learning to explain the world,
Pooling all the knowledge gained and
Using it to change the world.

5. Let me lie, love, close beside you,
Feel your heartbeat close to mine.
Ev'ry heartbeat brings us closer,
Nearer to the battle line.
Love the way your touch can burn me.
Love your warmth; I love your ways(?).
Love your need; I love your hunger,
Sharing joy and love and pain.

6. Love can serve us as a weapon,
Help us fight through thick and thin.
You the stock; you the barrel.
Love's the bolt and firing pin.
Come on, now; demand what's yours.
The time is now; come on, begin.
Time to take what you create.
There's chains to lose, a world to win.

* Subtitled: "Contemporary Women's Songs written and sung by Peggy Seeger"