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Posted By: Roger Himler
25-Sep-98 - 07:27 PM
Thread Name: Guitar Picks - What's your favourite?
Subject: RE: Guitar Picks - What's your favourite?
I like the Dunlop's for chording and flat-picking. For finger picking, I, too, use my bare-naked fingers and thumb. However, I invariably chew my nails, so I can't get much volume.

I have hated most fingerpicks I have tried. However, in the last year or so, I have been using Finger-Tone picks by ProPik. They are metal picks that at first remind you of the Nationals. However, most of the pick area is covered by a hole that allows much of your finger tip to be exposed to the string. They also have split the part that wraps around the finger so it is more flexible and easier to adjust. They give me volume, feel, confidence, and comfort. Unfortunately, they are not cheap, but I feel they are worth the money because nothing else works for me.

I don't like their thumb pick, so I use a Herco Heavy or Medium gauge.

Roger in Baltimore