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Posted By: Bluzpicker
12-Aug-18 - 12:23 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Richmond Blues
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Richmond Blues
The Cephas and Wiggins lyrics varied a bit and borrowed from different sources (i.e. "Police Dog Blues" by Blind Boy Fuller). I learned the song directly from John Cephas. I think the following is representative.

RICHMOND BLUES (as performed by Cephas & Wiggins)

I'm gonna buy me a bulldog
I'm gonna shuffle two greyhounds
I'm gonna use those dogs
To run my good girl down.

I'm gonna use those dogs
To watch me while I sleep
Gonna keep those men
From making their midnight creep.

I was standing down in Richmond
On. the corner of Broad and Main
When up stepped two police
Said son what is your right name?

I said my name is sewn into my shirt
I'm a woman folk lover'
I sure don't have to work.

My gal she left
She didn't even write to me
She's got my mind all worried
Like water in the deep blue sea.

I'm goin' downtown
Gonna talk to the Chief of Police
That little gal's in trouble
And I can't find me no peace.

I wrote one line
And I laid my pencil down
You know my heart struck sorrow
And tears come rollin' down.

Just as the sure as the birds
Flock in the sky above
Life ain't worth livin'
If you ain't with the one you love.

Unh huh, Un huh
You know doggin' just ain't right
If you gonna dog me
I'll run both day and night.

Unh huh, un huh
Unh huh, oh shucks
You know two men lovin' you
One of us has got to go.

I feel like snappin'
My pistol in your face.
Let some lonesome graveyard
Be your resting place.

Graveyard, graveyard
It's a low down dirty place
You lay flat on your back
They throw mud all in your face.

You know I'd drink muddy water
I'd sleep in a hollow log
Ain't gonna stay here woman
And be treated like your dog.

That's why I'm standin'
Down in Richmond
On the corner of Broad & Main
When up steps two police
Say "son what's your right name."

This is representative of how John would perform the song. Several donor verses. I wouldn't get super hung up on the order of the verses; but once again this is typical of how John would sing the sing.