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Posted By: Steve Gardham
16-Aug-18 - 03:07 PM
Thread Name: Why Is the Lady of Carlisle Speechless?
Subject: RE: Why Is the Lady of Carlisle Speechless?
A request for more info on the actual event, a long shot I know which would involve a historian of France or an indefatigable researcher!
I wish I'd seen this thread before I actually spent 2 hours last night trying to find the info that is given here. I have one extra piece of info but it isn't enough to pinpoint the date. My info comes (online) from Poullain de Saint Foix 'Essais Historique sur Paris et sur les Francais', written 1754-7. Our hero is the captain of Francis's Garde Ecossaise (Scots Guards), the name given is de Longes. The problem is Jacques de Longes (Comte de Montgomery) was captain from 1544 to 57 and then his son Gabriel de Longes took over in 1557 until 1559. Francis reigned 1515 to 1547 so the window we have should be 1544 to 47. However, a slight complication is that in 1547 the last year of Francis's reign Gilbert was 17 and his dad would have been 59 in 1544. I'm guessing as the writer only says his name is de Longes that the most likely candidate for jumping into the den would be Gabriel as Jacques was well married at the time and somewhat past jumping into lions' dens. I haven't yet translated the Saint Foix passage but even with my smatterings of O-level French I can tell it's the same story.